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April 2015 Archives

When one's ex engages in hurtful conduct during a divorce

When one is divorcing, one generally hopes that one's ex-spouse will act civilly and will try to keep things as amicable as is feasible given the situation. Unfortunately though, sometimes, a divorcing individual will end up being subjected to contentious or hurtful conduct by their ex-spouse. 

Divorce can significantly impact a person's investment portfolio

Many things can change for a person here in Colorado as a result of getting a divorce. One is what their investment portfolio looks like. This is because investments are among the assets that are sometimes marital assets and thus are sometimes subject to being split up between the divorcing spouses in the divorce asset division. 

When will a CO court consider a child's wishes in a custody case?

Here in Colorado, courts use the standard of "best interests of the child" when making decisions regarding what sort of child custody arrangement to establish when it comes to a child whose parents are getting divorced or splitting up. There are many different things a court may end up factoring in when deciding what would be in a child's best interests when it comes to child custody. 

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