Taking Action When an Child Abduction Happens

A child who is abducted may not be taken by a stranger, but by his or her parent. As odd as this may sound, it's a very real issue that sometimes happens after a divorce, and parents need to know what legal options they have in Colorado.

Often, the abduction takes place because one parent does not agree with the judge's decision on child custody. For instance, that parent may have been seeking joint custody, but the judge may have given sole custody -- perhaps without visitation rights -- to the other parent. Fearing he or she will never see the child again, the person who did not win the decision may kidnap the child and run to a different part of the state, or even across state lines.

Typically, the first thing that needs to be done is that the police should be notified. If the abduction does go over state lines, it becomes a federal issue, and the FBI will often be called in.

Now, police do have a general outlook of wanting to stay out of family affairs. These are highly emotional situations that are supposed to be resolved in court. However, when a parent begins violating court orders, that action can be treated as a crime, and police will respond. This is especially true if you believe that the child is in danger -- if your ex was abusive in the past, for instance, and you think he or she may take it out on the child.

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