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Studies have shown that substance abuse and mental health disorders are often factors in domestic violence situations in households. Both perpetrators and victims of domestic violence are much more likely to suffer from substance abuse and mental health problems. Because of this, protective orders and other court-ordered programs are often needed to protect victims and their children. Court-ordered programs, such as anger management and substance abuse programs, may also be needed for perpetrators.

If you are involved in any type of domestic violence situation that involves substance abuse or a mental health issue, we urge you to get the help you need. At the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC, we are dedicated to the welfare of all family members in the greater Denver area. Our family law attorneys can provide the legal advice and support you need for protective orders and the substance abuse or mental health problems that occur in connection with these circumstances.

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Substance Abuse, Mental Health Problems & Domestic Violence

Substance abusers are more likely to have mental health issues and become victims of domestic violence due to their vulnerability in the face of manipulation and excessive emotional, financial, and physical control. On the other hand, otherwise healthy individuals who become victimized by domestic violence may resort to substance abuse and/or intoxication and become reluctant to report any domestic violence attack.

It is also well-known that those with substance abuse problems, such as alcoholism or drug use, often engage in violent or criminal behavior, including domestic violence. Substance abuse and addiction impairs judgment, gives rise to uncontrollable emotions and impulses, and provokes irrational behavior. In these situations, the family unit is threatened, children suffer, and domestic partners or spouses face intimidation and fear for the safety of themselves and their children.

Our firm is here to provide all of the legal approaches and support needed in the face of these situations. Let us use our experience and commitment to your welfare and that of your family to ensure that your rights are protected through appropriate legal action. Whether you are a victim of violence or have been unfairly accused of violence, we can help.

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