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  • Hands down, was the best experience
    The Team at the Law Office of Alexandra White, hands down, was the best experience I have had considering the circumstances. Having used other Attorneys in the past, the professionalism was FAR greater with Alex and her Team. The amount of communication, preparation and clarity provided every step of the way reassured me that they had my case handled. On top of all that, we won walking out with confidence and pride!

    - Brooke C.

  • One of the best
    Krista Beauchamp and her Associates helped me through the probate and estate planning process during one of the worst times of my life. I highly recommend them as one of the best Probate and Estate Planning Law Firms.

    - Cynthia D.

  • I felt empowered and encouraged
    This firm is outstanding! From Lori who took my initial call to Megan and Christian taking on my case with ethics, honesty and complete professionalism. Megan truly cares about her clients and will fight for your rights. I felt empowered and encouraged working with Megan on my case. Every call and email to Christian and Megan was always promptly addressed! Highly recommend!

    - Darin R.

  • Absolutely wonderful
    I sought legal counsel after needing to renegotiate custody and child support after 4 years of divorce. I was referred to this law firm by a friend and became partnered with Megan and her team. They were absolutely wonderful throughout the entire process providing timely communication and updates, reassurances as the process unfolded and sound legal counsel. I would highly recommend them! This was one of the best decisions I've ever made and feel blessed to have had them with me through this stressful time.

    - Maria S.

  • Understanding and compassionate
    This firm was absolutely wonderful start to finish.

    Mike took my initial call, and without skipping a beat listened to every detail and provided excellent feedback/suggestions.

    He recommended I retain Megan, which I did end up doing. I've never met someone more understanding and compassionate, and she was absolutely perfect for my divorce case.

    Also, a HUGE shout out to Christian, her paralegal who was just as wonderful, and was so supportive throughout the daunting process.

    Thank you everyone, I could not have done it without you all!!!

    - Anonymous

  • I always felt very cared for
    Megan is an excellent attorney! I highly suggest you hire her for your case. She is assertive, yet very professional. I always felt very cared for knowing that I was in her hands. Throughout my year long legal battle, and all the difficulties from the “other” side, I still felt confident, and had peace knowing that Megan, and her paralegal Christian were working in the background getting me everything that I deserved and than some. You usually don’t plan on needing an attorney in life, I certainly didn’t think I ever would. I closed my eyes and picked one from all the hundreds advertised online. I am writing this to say that your search can be over. Megan, and Christian are all you will need. I am very pleased with how my case turned out, and I know that if I had chosen another attorney, the end result would have been much different then it was. I have zero regrets!!!

    - Michelle R.

  • Kind and empathetic
    Megan was fantastic. Not only did she handle the legal side of my child custody/support filing, but she was kind and empathetic too. And, we were able to settle before the hearing, so that was the best outcome I could've asked for given the circumstances. I'd definitely recommend the firm as a whole, as Alex was a huge help in settling my divorce seven years ago too. They're overall mindful of costs, supportive, and knowledgeable, and I'm very grateful for them.

    - Hilary H.

  • Krista and Laura Went Above and Beyond to Assure Us!

    Krista and Laura were great with everything they helped me and Aldo with. You answered all of our questions and went above and beyond to assure us we were doing everything correctly.

    Thank you so much for making our decisions more clear and understandable. I highly recommend you to any of my friends and family that need legal advise or assistance.

    - Cindy

  • Krista, Thank you so much for your help and getting me through this difficult situation.

    Krista, Thank you so much for your help and getting me through this difficult situation.

    - Julie B.

  • You and your staff have been outstanding!
    Thank you! You and your staff have been outstanding!

    - Margaret A.

  • Hard work and dedication!
    Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication throughout this process. I truly appreciate it!

    - Mayra M.

  • She makes the process as easy as possible!

    A special thank you for Lorie, she makes the process as easy as possible when I first contacted the office. Her laugh, kindness, cheery voice and calm presences got me through many days after I spoke with her.

    - Kathleen

  • Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    Michael Cheroutes, Jr. negotiated a “Miracle ” settlement for me with exceptional skill and instinct. I am beyond thrilled with the outcome of my divorce and I highly recommend Michael to negotiate your divorce.
    Michael was willing to really listen to me:
    I had spoken to dozens of attorneys and had even hired a divorce firm, before I was referred to Michael, but they all failed to put in the initial time and energy into fully understanding and comprehending what I was saying about my case. Great lawyers know the value of listening and Michael put in the energy and passion up front, at our initial consultation, that allowed him to extract and analyze the relevant facts he needed to recommend a plan.
    Michael knows the Law and is a stellar communicator:
    Great lawyers don’t allow their clients to go down expensive rabbit holes. Michael explained clearly what will work and what I needed to focus on. His guidance allowed me to identify what documents and evidence I needed to collect to assist him with my case while saving me money. Michael’s communication with the opposing counsel was genius; he ignored the counsel’s reputation and my dire warnings about him and developed his own professional, strategic and healthy skeptical relationship with him that paid off handsomely for me in the end.
    Michael is smart and creative:
    Great Lawyers use their knowledge and creativity to craft solutions that I never even realized were possible. Michael approached my case and new information with an open mind and tailored creative solutions to any and all obstacles despite me telling him that my prior attorney said this or that couldn’t be done. We hit one big, tall, unbreakable brick wall and I was in despair what to do. Michael used perfect judgement in determining that the Wall was not worth climbing but instead used it as a negotiating tool where it mattered most and served me best.
    Michael is a Great negotiator:
    When it came time for mediation Michael helped me prepare and talked with me at length about what to expect which calmed me. Michael summed up my case to the mediator with stunning accuracy and compassion. He had developed a legal and moral argument of why my offer was truly the only fair and equitable outcome. It was remarkable to witness and moved me to tears to realize not only had Michael been listening to me all along but that he really believed in my case and that it mattered to him enough to be well prepared and organized when it was crunch time. The mediator agreed with his argument and I assume she helped opposing counsel agree as well because I received more then I dreamed was possible on the first offer. I was elated with the results and the papers were signed that day!
    Great lawyers know how how to prepare effective, clear and well-reasoned legal documents:
    As awesome as mediation went I had no idea how important the “boiler plate” legal document, memorializing our agreement was going to be. The first draft written by opposing counsel depressed me and I truly didn’t feel comfortable signing it - there were way too many “what if’s” left out. I expressed my concerns to Michael who told me not to worry and that he still had to review it. The next version, which Michael edited, was effective, clear and well reasoned and addressed every one of my concerns eliminating all my “what if’s”.
    A Great Lawyer assembles a great team around him:
    Michael and his para-legal Laura, were proactive and in constant communications keeping me updated and informed. I was so grateful to have such a caring and knowledgeable team assisting me during one of the most difficult and dark times in my life. Their passion for serving others was contagious and refreshing. Michael and Laura’s commitment to making things a “little bit better for me” have and will make a dramatic and positive impact on the rest of my life.

    - Cassandra

    Categories: Michael Cheroutes Jr.
  • Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism
    Thank you for everything. You have altered my opinion of attorney's. I appreciate your honesty, integrity and professionalism.

    - Ron Daggett

    Categories: Elissa J. Roberts
  • I had a very pleasant experience and highly recommend
    I worked with Krista Beauchamp at this law office and had a terrific experience. She communicated very well, took an interest in my needs and outlined her approach, then followed through quickly and effectively, keeping me informed throughout the process. I had a very pleasant experience and highly recommend Krista to others.

    - Scott Brehm

    Categories: Krista Beauchamp
  • I recommend Alex White to anyone who needs a divorce attorney in Centennial.
    Thank you to Alex and her whole team. Very much appreciate the professionalism and expertise of everyone I've had contact with at the firm. I recommend Alex White to anyone who needs a divorce attorney in Centennial. Also very much appreciate working with Krista as well.

    - Henry Caspersen

    Categories: Alexandra White
  • Best divorce and family lawyers in the Centennial area.
    Alexandra White and her team are the best divorce and family lawyers in the Centennial area. Lorie who answers the phone and does client intake is very kind and understanding and great to work with. Call them first, they do free consultations and I believe they can help you.

    - Dan Bryant

    Categories: Alexandra White
  • I highly recommend anyone seeking a Divorce Lawyer to reach out to Alex White and her team first
    Divorce is an emotional and difficult time in anyone’s life to have to go through and it shouldn’t be done alone. The moment I walked into the office Colleen made me feel welcome and made me feel like I was part of their family. Alex and her staff will work with you through every step of the process and answer any questions you may have. During the divorce process Alex and her staff made sure to keep me updated immediately on anything that was happening and responded in a very timely manner. I highly recommend anyone seeking a Divorce Lawyer to reach out to Alex White and her team first.

    I want to Thank Alex White and her “Team” from the bottom of my heart for everything they did for me and my children.

    - Scott Howell

    Categories: Alexandra White
  • If you want someone you can trust she’s the one you need
    Alexandra White was incredible in handling my child support custody order. I was so pleased from her work and the outcome that I came back to use her once again to resolve child support modification. If you want someone you can trust she’s the one you need

    - Courtney Weis

    Categories: Alexandra White
  • The crème de la creme of Divorce Attorneys
    Alex White is the crème de la creme of Divorce Attorneys. Alex is well known for being one of the top Divorce Attorneys in Denver. She is beyond talented in every respect of Divorce Law. Ms. White is tough, but fair, on your side, of course. There was not a question Alex did not know the answer to. I could not have survived my divorce without Alex, she ensured all my rights were protected by law, and was a pleasure to work with. Extremely intelligent, strategic, and a loyal ally, I will definitely recommend Alex to anyone who is going through a divorce. Alex is seriously the BEST!

    - Paul Winters

    Categories: Alexandra White
  • Hiring Alex was the best decision I made
    Hiring Alex was the best decision I made. Alex took over a complex and poorly managed case that had been lingering for 18 months and delivered a very favorable outcome and settlement within 4 weeks. Her ability to orchestrate and effect a resolution are the best I have seen. Combined with her knowledge of the law and it's application and her record for balancing pragmatism while aggressively pursuing her clients best interest makes her one of the top family attorneys. I highly recommend her for family law.

    - Sam Garg

    Categories: Alexandra White
  • We have moved on healthy and happy! Thank you Alex and Colleen!
    I retained Alex White to represent me from May 2011 until final in Sept 2013. It was a very complicated divorce due to my ex being an attorney and therefore it was a battle that I might add she conquered! Alex was professional at all times and executed each trial prepared and with great knowledge. She guided me through some very hard times with patience and compassion. My kids and I are eternally grateful. We have moved on healthy and happy! Thank you Alex and Colleen!

    - Diane Thomas Homes

    Categories: Alexandra White
  • Alex White provided me great guidance and legal advice that I wholeheartedly recommend
    Divorce is painful, complicated and lasting. Ensure you have a great team to support you every step of the way. Attorneys Alex White provided me great guidance and legal advice that I wholeheartedly recommend.

    - Andy H.

    Categories: Alexandra White
  • The Law office of Alexandra White are a pleasure to work with
    The Law office of Alexandra White are a pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable staff, fast communication, I would definitely recommend and use them again. Thank you for everything.

    - Richard K.

  • Alex White is an excellent family law attorney in Centennial
    Alex White is an excellent family law attorney in Centennial. I've referred clients her way and everyone says that she is very professional and what they like the most is that she wins cases in court because of her "aggressive" approach to the court system.

    - Marshall A.

    Categories: Alexandra White
  • Alexandra White is my preferred choice for Denver divorce lawyers
    Alexandra White is my preferred choice for Denver divorce lawyers because she runs an incredible law office and she really cares about your marriage and ultimately wants to help you and your spouse achieve the desired results where everyone wins.

    - Mark W.

    Categories: Alexandra White
  • I can't recommend Alex enough!
    Alex has been a tremendous help in diffusing high conflict post-decree problems. I can't recommend Alex enough!

    - Steve B.

    Categories: Alexandra White
  • I can’t sing the praises of Alex White enough
    I can’t sing the praises of Alex White enough. Her outstanding knowledge and the professionalism she displayed during my financially complex divorce was above and beyond. Though my ex and his attorney tried many avenues to prolong the divorce proceeding, including being non-responsive, Alex maintained her professionalism at all times. Unlike several attorneys, Alex doesn’t file unnecessary motions to drive up fees. If you are looking for a thorough and classy attorney, Alex White is the right choice.

    - Sarah Schlosser

  • I highly recommend Alex White and the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC
    I retained the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC to represent me in my divorce process in June 2015. I worked with both Alex White. He made a difficult situation easier to handle. He responded promptly and thoroughly to all of my questions and concerns, were prompt and professional, and kept me informed every step of the way.
    When this contentious case went to trial, He did an outstanding job presenting the facts to the court. His experience, presentation and demeanor resulted in a reasonable and fair outcome. I am very satisfied with the resolution of the divorce.
    I highly recommend Alex White and the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC to anyone looking for knowledgeable, experienced representation.

    - Tony A.

  • Alex took me through what proved to be a more than difficult post divorce custody litigation
    Alex took me through what proved to be a more than difficult post divorce custody litigation. She was knowledgeable, supportive and more importantly tenacious. She kept expectations reasonable, information was plentiful as were the potential options available. As a single father, Alex understood the complexities of our case and was able to secure a favorable outcome for my daughter and me.

    - Dave

  • Our family got everything we asked for and then some
    Alexandra was very professional, and had the ability to make you feel comfortable even in very uncomfortable situations. She was very knowledgable about the law and the everchanging statutes, and if she did not have an answer she would find it. I would recommend her to anyone who needed a lawyer in her specialty. Alexandra, is very compassionate about her job, and it shows. She helped me and my family in such a way, that if I had another attorney, I do not believe the out come of my case would have been what it was. Our final court date was one to cheer about, and most people can't say that. Our family got everything we asked for and then some. Thank you to Alex, and all of her partners and peers. Thank you for everything!

    - Sarah

    Categories: Alexandra White
  • Extraordinary lawyer
    Extraordinary lawyer. Great abilities to analyze and problem solve. My highest recommendations.

    - Managing Partner

  • Ms. White embodies the best attributes of our profession
    I have worked with Ms. White on several legal matters. She is a very bright and tenacious young lawyer who embodies the best attributes of our profession.

    - Partner

    Categories: Alexandra White
  • First off, I would like to start by thanking you for coming to my class and talking to us about our class about your job as a family court attorney. I am very interested in family law because this area of law hits very close to home for me. I am very familiar with divorce and custody affairs on a personal level, so it was really cool to be able to learn about those things from the perspective of the lawyer and what all exactly is taken into consideration when figuring out things like custody. I also further learned that stories similar to mine are not uncommon which just makes me want to speak out about that more. I hope to hear you speak again at my class. Thank you.
    Categories: Community
  • Thank you, Mr. Cheroutes, for visiting our classroom and teaching us about family law. I've been through nasty family divorces in my family and one of them was even my parents. I wanted to thank you for helping me understand what I didn't really understand when it was all happening. Thank you again for visiting and teaching our class.

    Categories: Community
  • I wanted to thank you for your time and patience when coming into our class to teach us about Family Law and how things work within that field. I really appreciated that you were able to come out and teach us about the significance and downsides of divorces and how it affects the child if there is one included. You really allowed me to think more about these topics and opened my eyes to the opportunities that Law school could give me. Once more thank you for your time.

    Categories: Community
  • Thank you so much again for coming to visit us and teaching us about being a family lawyer. I learned a lot about your day-to-day life, case load, and some of the cases you may deal with quite often. I found it interesting how many cases are handled and the work that you and many other family lawyers do. The priority charts you drew of money and family really helped create a visual for what you were talking about, and I liked your use of using the charts to create visuals, rather than only verbally expressing this. I look forward to learning more about the type of law you practice and using what you taught us in this class.

    Categories: Community
  • Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us about your job as a family lawyer. I appreciated that you explained the differences in what would generally happen in each case you are presented with such as how children or possessions affect the outcome of the ruling. I learned that each case has its own unique situation and that each one must be handled with care and diligence.

    Categories: Community
  • The ideas that most inspired me were those of the values considered when referencing this career. I find the process of family law very intriguing, and I was surprised about learning the length of the process. I admire your patience in this process as it is very lengthy and challenging but you appeared very well informed about the law and how to use it for good. I also found it inspiring the adversity that you overcame in your life having to go to school for nearly 10 years, which is especially significant when considering your line of work. I was very impressed with the knowledge you have about the law and your ability to speak about it to aspiring students who wish to follow your path.

    Categories: Community
  • Thank you again for visiting and teaching the class about family law. There are many different types of law that I could go into if I want to become a family lawyer. That it is very important when making decisions about who should have this and who should have that in a divorce. And it’s very important to look after the children in a divorce and what benefits them in the future not what's good for the parents. Finally, I look forward to learning more about careers in the legal system and wish that you have continued success in your career.

    Categories: Community
  • I have learned that family law deals with much more than I thought it did. It was remarkably interesting to learn that in your practice, you deal with families looking to adopt. I enjoyed your discussion about law school. I also enjoyed learning about some of the different cases you have worked on. I just enjoyed your whole discussion overall. Thank you again for taking the time to visit our classroom.

    Categories: Community
  • Thank you for coming to our criminal justice and law class! We were all really interested in your career and how you deal with family law daily. I was very curious about how spouse support worked because a family friend is going through that and you explained it very well so now, I understand it better. I liked how you even made a chart explaining the things you must go over with a couple while going through a divorce, I did not know divorces were that complex.

    Categories: Community
  • I learned that the stress level is high for attorneys who focus on child visitation between parents. Child visitation could become very complicated, especially if you have factors like who would be a more fit parent, what the child thinks, etc. Personally, I would not want to be in a field with this responsibility, but someone must do it. I thought it was interesting that there were so many factors that determine how much a parent can see their child after a divorce. Many of these factors you might not even think about as an outsider looking in. Once again, thank you, Mr. Cheroutes for visiting our class and teaching us about family law.

    Categories: Community
  • Thank you Mr. Cheroutes for visiting our class last week and teaching the class about what it's like to work on these types of cases and your job as a family lawyer. Thanks to your presentation I learned about how to apply and the process of entering the Explorers Program. I learned about some of the stresses of your line of work. Lastly, I learned about the experiences you had as a family lawyer. I wish you well in your career now and in the future.

    Categories: Community
  • I want to thank you again for coming out to talk to our class and that the field of family law is very interesting. From your visit, I learned that a divorce can be done even if only one person isn't committed to the relationship anymore. I also learned that child support can vary from a wide range of prices. I also learned that family court cases can stem from a wide range of problems even including topics like vaccination. I look forward to maybe seeing you speak with us again and I wish you a very successful career.

    Categories: Community
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our class. I really enjoyed your presentation and I loved getting to learn more about family law. I am unsure what I want to study, but I have heavily considered going into law and looked a lot at family law and your visit really helped to give me a deeper look into the field.

    Categories: Community