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Domestic violence is a very difficult matter with different types of legal ramifications. Some of these ramifications bear heavily on family law cases. Whether you are a victim of domestic violence in the form of physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional abuse, or you are being falsely accused of domestic violence, we can help.

Our domestic violence attorneys in Centennial are here to fight to protect your rights and best interests. Your safety and well-being is our top priority.

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Domestic Violence in Colorado

Among the crimes covered by Colorado's Domestic Violence laws are violence, attempted violence, the threat of violence, stalking, harassment, revenge, and coercion.

  • Domestic Abuse is when a victim is or has been related to, lived with, or has had an intimate relationship with someone who abuses them or is aggressive towards them. Violent threats and violence are part of domestic abuse toward the victim, the child, and/or the pet.
  • Domestic Violence is when Intimate partners like boyfriends or girlfriends, spouses or husbands and wives act violently or threaten to act violently against each other. Intimate partners can be A crime against a person, a pet, or a piece of property can be considered domestic violence.

Why You Need a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Centennial

If you need the assistance of a family law attorney who understands how domestic violence (or accusations of domestic violence) plays into your case, talk to the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC.

Our Centennial domestic violence lawyers can help you answer tough questions about:

  • How allegations of domestic violence can affect your child custody or divorce case
  • How to plan ahead if you think you will be accused of domestic assault or abuse, or if you have been accused during a separation or divorce
  • Whether you should move out of the house (marital residence) before you have a custody agreement
  • What to do if you have been assaulted or been a victim of spousal abuse
  • Whether there has ever been a report of domestic violence, a 911 call, or a police visit to your home
  • How to address threats, stalking, or harassment
  • How to obtain a civil protection order
  • How to deal with a civil protection order that has been issued against you

Every case is different; there are many variables that should be considered in approaching a domestic violence matter. If you believe you are in danger, take appropriate action; you can talk to a Centennial domestic violence attorney after you are safe.

What Is Considered Assault in Colorado?

In Colorado, assault is defined as knowingly or recklessly causing bodily injury to another person. If you have ever been abused or assaulted by your spouse - even just once - it's important to share this information with your divorce lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer can help you secure a civil protection order (also known as a restraining order) to help protect you from further violence. If you have kids, your lawyer can also help you ensure that they are kept safe, and that any child custody or visitation arrangement takes your spouse's violent history into account.

What Usually Happens in a Domestic Violence Case?

Individuals who have been accused of domestic violence have the right to a jury trial, which may take days or weeks while evidence and testimony are presented against and in favor of the defendant. A plea bargain offer may be made before, during, or after the trial, which will include whether there will be prison time, whether probation will be required and whether there will be any additional consequences.

How Serious Is a Domestic Violence Charge in Colorado?

A domestic violence charge can affect your parental rights, employment opportunities, and other aspects of your life, including federal restrictions related to gun ownership, government employment, military service and citizenship status.

Multiple domestic violence charges can lead to being labeled a habitual domestic violence offender, which is a class 5 felony in Colorado and includes one-to-three years in prison and/or a fine of up to $100,000.

Contact us now for a free consultation with the best domestic violence lawyer near you. You can also call us at (303) 647-4245. We serve clients throughout the Denver area.

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