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Custody disputes: Winning your custody battle

When it comes to custody disputes, you should know that your children's best interests are what are most important. At the end of the day, a dispute that goes to trial will result in a judge ruling for what they believe will most benefit the children involved.

Since you know that your ex-spouse isn't going to budge on their custody request and you aren't going to give them what they want without a fight, you need to prepare to go through litigation.

Tips for telling your kids about a divorce

You worry that your kids will feel devastated to learn that you and your spouse plan to get divorced. You know that it's the right thing for your life, but you understand that children can take it fairly hard.

You want to focus on your children's well-being throughout this entire process, and that starts with breaking the news to them initially. Here are a few things you should do to make it go smoothly:

Protecting your kids when your ex dates someone volatile

The process of getting a divorce can bring up issues you never thought your family would have to deal with. One common concern is the safety and well-being of your children, particularly if your ex has begun to date someone who seems dangerous or volatile. In most cases in Colorado, serious abuse in the family, whether it is spousal abuse or child abuse, is one of the only reasons why the courts may deny one parent an allocation of parenting time.

In most situations with two willing parents, the courts choose to divide parental rights and responsibilities relatively equally between each adult. In certain circumstances, one parent can ask the courts to limit access of the other to the children during the divorce or later at a modification hearing.

Is it time to end your spousal maintenance payments?

The legal obligation of a higher-earning spouse to provide financial support for a spouse who makes less money after a divorce is known as alimony in some states or spousal support in others. In Colorado, the legal term used by the courts is maintenance.

The courts will order maintenance in a variety of circumstances, and your circumstances could change. It is possible for you to ask that the courts either reduce the amount of maintenance you pay or eliminate it entirely depending on your situation.

Gray divorces need special consideration

A gray divorce is one that involves people over the age of 50. They may both have children who are now adults, and they may have substantial assets to consider.

Gray divorces are becoming more common over time. Imagine being with someone for 30, 40 or even 50 years. There's a chance that you may want to separate or that you've had different life experiences that set you against one another. Whatever the reason is, these divorces are more common than ever before. Statistics show that around one out of four people who divorced in 2010 were over 50.

Words of caution when divorcing a narcissist

Many factors in a divorce require specific consideration, such as when either party is a narcissist. In these cases, it might be much more difficult to go through mediation or collaborative methods to determine the settlement. This could lead to a messy divorce trial that takes time and money.

When you know that you are going to have to deal with a narcissistic ex, you should prepare yourself for the battle. This can be a challenging process, but you will have to go through it if you want to end the marriage.

How the right attorney can protect you from your divorce emotions

By its very nature of dealing with the dissolution of a long-term, committed relationship, divorce is inherently complicated, difficult and emotional for most people. It is natural and understandable to have intense feelings about the end of your marriage, even if you know divorce is the best decision for you and your spouse.

Regret, anger and frustration can lead people to make problematic decisions during their divorce. Some of those decisions can have legal and financial repercussions. Working with an experienced Colorado divorce attorney is important for anyone considering divorce, but especially those who find themselves intensely emotional at the end of their marriage.

3 warning signs that mediation isn't best for your divorce

Mediation is a very popular rising star in the modern divorce world. Divorce has become more a part of everyday life and less of an uncommon and contentious battle for many couples. Choosing mediation allows families to remain in control of their divorce and move forward without causing lasting damage to their relationship with their ex or their children.

However, while mediation is an incredible tool that can make divorce simpler and less expensive for quite a few families, it is not a miracle solution that works in every scenario. The following three situations are all warning signs that mediation might not be good for your divorce.

Be on the lookout for hidden digital assets in your divorce

Most people have heard at least one or two stories about a person who gets divorced where, during that process, their spouse takes advantage of them. Many times, the issues people experience stem from an unfair division of marital assets and debts by the courts. In fact, some people facing divorce will take drastic steps in their effort to hide assets from the Colorado family courts and their spouse.

They do this to avoid needing to share those assets. After all, the courts will typically do their best to fairly divide any possessions or debts that you acquired during marriage. Some people create hidden accounts or try to transfer assets out of the marital estate before filing for divorce. They may slowly build a secret cache of money that should actually be subject to division in the divorce.

Professional help can make adjusting to co-parenting easier

Sharing custody of your children with your ex can be a very difficult prospect. Many people focus on the negative aspects of their ex as a coping mechanism to help with getting through the divorce process. It can remind them of why they are ending the marriage and help them handle the difficulty that comes with that process.

However, the antagonistic attitude that many couples take toward one another can have long-term consequences for their family. When their children witness acrimonious fighting, it can make it harder for them to adjust to the divorce. The more couples fight during and after the divorce, the harder it will be for them to successfully work together as co-parents.

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