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Protecting your kids from an abusive ex during a divorce

In the vast majority of situations, the Colorado family courts prefer to arrange for shared custody between parents in a divorce. Sometimes, divorcing couples fight for shared custody out of a desire to punish one another. However, it is also possible to worry about shared custody because of the potential damage it could cause your children.

If your ex has been physically or emotionally abusive toward your children, you likely feel like their safety is your number one concern. Familiarizing yourself with your rights can help you advocate for your children in a divorce involving abuse.

Telling your spouse that you want to end the marriage

Even when you want to end the marriage, it's tough to start that divorce conversation. How do you break the news to your spouse? You know that you don't want to do it in the heat of the moment, during an argument, but how do you approach it?

How will they react?

Baby boomers have special considerations in divorce

Values and ideals change from generation to generation. In many ways, baby boomers were the first generation to socially accept divorce. They are also the generation that is reaching retirement age right now. So, it should be little surprise then, that baby boomers have a higher divorce rate than many other generations.

Recently, lower divorce rates among millennials have made headlines. However, the fact that millennials are not divorcing at high rates currently could change in the decades to come as their marriages shift and evolve over time.

Video games, dating, curfew matter in parenting plans for teens

Parenting a teenager isn't easy under the best of circumstances. When your family is going through difficult transitions, such as a divorce, that can lead to incredibly difficult behaviors from the teenagers in your family.

Although as a parent you want to do everything you can for your children, it is common for parents going through a divorce to forget how hard it may be on older children. You may expect them to take care of younger siblings or to handle the whole situation with grace to keep you from dealing with any additional stress.

Divorce usually means changing your retirement plans as well

Divorce often has a ripple effect on your life. It doesn't just affect your relationship with your ex. It also changes where you live, whom you spend time with, your relationship with your children, your financial circumstances and perhaps your career.

That doesn't mean divorce has to be a negative experience. Many people look at divorce as an opportunity to rethink their choices and change the trajectory of their lives to ensure a happier future.

Enforcing your parenting time rights after a divorce

When parents choose to divorce, they must find a way to fairly divide many of their most important assets and liabilities, as well as the time they spend with their children. For many people, sharing parenting time with their children is difficult, and can cause enormous conflicts in their family long after the divorce finalizes.

This is certainly understandable, as any parent can tell you that it is difficult to remain present for all of the important milestones in a child's life even when a family is living together in one home. Parents who share parenting time and responsibilities often feel as though they are missing out on seeing their child grow when they share custody. Other parents may disagree strongly with the other parent's child-rearing choices.

How to know if your kids need post-divorce therapy

Most parents understand that their children will struggle to some degree after a divorce. It can be hard for kids to accept the reality of the end of their parents' marriage. Some may struggle with their sense of self or with the nature of the relationships with their individual parents in the wake of a divorce.

Some children and teenagers have a harder time than others. They may start to act out in a variety of ways. From breaking house rules to isolating themselves from friends and family, some minors witnessing a divorce can engage in damaging and unhealthy behavior. As a parent, you want to do what is right for your child. However, you can't stay in a miserable, unhealthy marriage just because divorce upsets your kids.

Keeping your kids on track for college after a divorce

As a parent, you want to do what is best for your children. Throughout your life, you will no doubt make numerous sacrifices to ensure the well-being and comfort of your kids. Some people even put off divorce because they worry about the impact it could have on their children.

While it is true that divorce is disruptive to the adults and children in the family, it is possible to divorce without damaging your children. You and your spouse need to focus on what will make things easier for your children.

Warning signs that shared custody isn't your best divorce option

For most married parents divorcing in Colorado, the outcome of custody proceedings will result in co-parenting, which is mutually shared allocation of parental rights and responsibilities between both spouses. In general, the courts prefer comprehensive co-parenting agreements to assigning parental rights to only one adult from the family.

Many people may want to push for full custody, not realizing that the courts typically only award it in specific circumstances. There are certain circumstances in which the best decision for you and your children is to ask the courts to assign primary custody to one parent, instead of shared custody via a co-parenting arrangement.

What role does chronic illness play in divorce rates?

When people say their wedding vows, "until death do us part" is one of the most significant lines. It means that the partnership should last for a lifetime. However, there are also important lines about preserving the relationship in times of poverty as well as financial stability, and in times of health as well as illness.

Sadly, not everybody follows through with that particular vow to their spouse. While infidelity or falling out of love often play roles in the end of a marriage, chronic illness can also contribute to the demise of a relationship.

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