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Can you expect child support to help with college in Colorado?

When you're a parent, you want to give your children the best possible start to life. That often means focusing on both physical and mental development. Providing a safe home with proper nutrition helps a child grow strong and healthy. Good schooling, including college and post graduate studies, may be necessary for optimal mental and professional development.

Divorcing means many changes to your future plans. If you have primary custody of your children, you likely count on child support from your ex to help you cover the costs of raising the kids. In an age when new professionals need a lot of education and experience to break into the best fields, you may worry about whether you can expect child support to help defray the costs of college.

Who pays for private school tuition after a divorce?

During your marriage, it is likely that much of the household income went toward the costs regarding your children. Whether that was extracurricular activities, clothing, family holidays or private school tuition, the amount spend on a child's life over the course of a year is notable. Therefore, when you go through a divorce, it is difficult to navigate how to effectively split the costs, especially within a high-income family.

This is why there are legal guidelines in the state of Colorado that help clarify how much child support should be paid to the primary custodian. Many factors will be taken into consideration, but, in general, it is hoped that the child support will be enough to ensure that the child or children are able to live at the same standard that they are used to.

Landlords and real estate investors often have complex divorces

Many married couples decide to go into business together. There are a host of reasons that a couple might start a joint business venture. They may have complementary skills that work well together for business development. Other times, they may hope to spend more time with one another and their children by working together.

One popular option for family businesses involves real estate. Whether you buy up homes, fix them and flip them for a profit, or invest in properties to rent out as landlords, working in real estate can offer families both financial security and a great deal of personal freedom.

Are you worried that your ex is hiding assets in your CO divorce?

Divorce can bring out the worst in people. After all, it is an emotional time and it involves the end of a very intimate relationship. This can lead otherwise calm and rational people to behave in aggressive and bizarre manners.

People who love their children and want the best for them could drag their children into the middle of a protracted court battle. Other people who are typically responsible may start frivolously spending money to diminish the marital estate.

Divorcing someone with mental health issues requires extra care

Our culture likes to romanticize marriage and romantic love. Many people are under the incorrect assumption that so long as two people have a deep emotional bond, they can overcome any challenge. In the real world, loving someone doesn't necessarily mean your marriage will succeed.

If you married somebody who has serious mental health issues or a personality disorder, your marriage may fail despite your best efforts. It is normal to wonder what kind of impact your spouse's mental health issues could have on divorce proceedings.

Is alternative dispute resolution the right choice for you?

If you need to get a divorce, then one of the things you might be interested in is not having to go to court for the divorce. When you go to court and have a trial, much of what is said and done is made public. For many people, this isn't good, especially because the public then knows what they have in terms of assets.

The good news for you in this situation is that you can use alternative dispute resolution instead of a trial to stay out of court. Divorces are usually resolved through information negotiations or with out-of-court ADR proceedings. ADR processes include things such as collaborative family law, arbitration and mediation.

How an affair can impact a Colorado divorce

One of the most common reasons that people cite for seeking divorce is infidelity on the part of their spouses. Adultery remains incredibly common, perhaps even more so with the internet making it easier than ever to communicate with or seek out an extramarital partner. Although the person cheating may try to cover up the indiscretion, many times their spouse will find out anyway.

If you've caught your spouse cheating and you're thinking about a divorce, you may find yourself wondering how infidelity will impact your divorce proceedings. Understanding Colorado law and the details of your situation will help you predict how much of an influence infidelity will have on your divorce.

Did your ex intentionally waste money before your divorce?

Divorce is stressful, and that can bring out the worst in some people. Otherwise kind and rational humans can start acting terribly toward someone they once loved deeply. Sometimes, that can mean dramatic fights and tense conversations. Other times, it could look like an attempt to punish the other spouse. Financial punishment is actually a very common way that people act out in a divorce.

If you believe that your spouse has intentionally given away assets, sold them for less than they were worth or incurred substantial debt to punish you, that could impact your divorce. When one spouse intentionally wastes marital assets right before or after filing for divorce, the courts may consider that dissipation and adjust the division of assets accordingly.

Plan for your finances after your marriage ends

One of the difficult aspects of going through a divorce is h to handling the financial changes that come with transitioning from joint finances to single finances. This challenge might be a bit difficult, but it doesn't have to be impossible.

There are some ways that you can plan to make things a bit easier afteryour marriage ends. These won't be a magic solution to every problem, but these tips can set you up for success in the future. Here are a few suggestion to consider:

If you're ready for more parenting time, consider a modification

There's a common but inaccurate belief that custody terms are set in stone and permanent when you divorce. When the courts issue an order allocating parental responsibilities, including parenting time, decision-making authority and child support, those orders are meant to help provide for the best interests of the children. It's natural to assume that those terms are final and permanent.

In reality, the conditions of your parenting plan can change at any time if you or your ex request a modification from the courts. The Colorado courts understand that life situations change, so you do have the opportunity to request a review of your parenting plan and allocated parental responsibilities at any time after the finalization of your divorce.

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