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Be on the lookout for hidden digital assets in your divorce

Most people have heard at least one or two stories about a person who gets divorced where, during that process, their spouse takes advantage of them. Many times, the issues people experience stem from an unfair division of marital assets and debts by the courts. In fact, some people facing divorce will take drastic steps in their effort to hide assets from the Colorado family courts and their spouse.

They do this to avoid needing to share those assets. After all, the courts will typically do their best to fairly divide any possessions or debts that you acquired during marriage. Some people create hidden accounts or try to transfer assets out of the marital estate before filing for divorce. They may slowly build a secret cache of money that should actually be subject to division in the divorce.

Professional help can make adjusting to co-parenting easier

Sharing custody of your children with your ex can be a very difficult prospect. Many people focus on the negative aspects of their ex as a coping mechanism to help with getting through the divorce process. It can remind them of why they are ending the marriage and help them handle the difficulty that comes with that process.

However, the antagonistic attitude that many couples take toward one another can have long-term consequences for their family. When their children witness acrimonious fighting, it can make it harder for them to adjust to the divorce. The more couples fight during and after the divorce, the harder it will be for them to successfully work together as co-parents.

What should you do if your spouse violates your prenup?

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements serve a number of important functions for couples. They help outline the expectations both parties have in marriage, particularly in the case of postnuptial agreements, which can often be a final step in an attempt to save a struggling marriage.

They provide guidelines for divorce that makes ending a marriage simpler and less expensive. These agreements also may include prohibitions against certain behaviors and penalties for a spouse who engages in certain activities, such as narcotic drug abuse or an extramarital affair. Unfortunately, not everyone will abide by the terms of a marital agreement.

A word of caution about family businesses and divorce

In a marriage, a couple will usually work toward some common goals. One goal that might come up is starting and growing a business in Colorado that can support the family. This is all good until the marriage starts to sour. If you ever find yourself heading toward divorce, you should be prepared to take a look at what is going on with the company.

While it doesn't happen in all cases, there are some in which one spouse might try to finagle the financial statements from the business so that it appears the company isn't doing well. This phenomenon is known as sudden income deficit syndrome, or SIDS.

Should you include travel limitations in your parenting plan?

Developing a thorough parenting plan is one of the most important steps in a Colorado divorce. You and your ex will either need to set your own terms or allow the courts to make some of the most important decisions on your behalf. Regardless of which approach you take, you will have to decide what issues are most important to address and enforce.

For some families, concerns about travel come up early in the custody proceedings. Perhaps one parent has ties in another state that would make it easy for them to relocate there. Maybe your ex just has a history of erratic and unpredictable behavior.

What happens to your pets in a Colorado divorce?

Couples without biological children may refer to their pets as their fur babies. Even those with children may still dote excessively on their companion animals, such as pet dogs or cats. For those couples, the custody or ownership of their beloved companion animal may be one of the most contentious issues in their divorce.

Both individuals may wish to retain custody of the pet(s) in divorce, but only one will typically receive any legal rights to the animal. Familiarizing yourself with how Colorado courts handle animals can give you an idea of what to anticipate in your divorce.

Should I divorce my spouse if they are suffering from addiction?

Addiction is a psychological illness that is as pervasive as any other disease. It can manifest itself in many ways, from the use of alcohol and drugs to engaging in compulsive gambling or sexual relationships. The obsessions that addicts develop are inevitably going to lead to tensions in a marriage. This is because addicts will tend to prioritize their addiction above anything else, including finances and their children's well-being.

If you are struggling in your marriage as a result of your spouse's addiction problems, you may be confused about which road to take. It is likely that you still love and care for your spouse very deeply, but at the same time, you may feel that some of the actions they have taken are unforgivable. Only you can decide whether you should proceed with a divorce. However, the following are some things that you may want to consider.

Is parental alienation a factor in your Colorado custody case?

The worst case scenario for many parents facing divorce is the potential of their ex to cut them off from the relationship with their child. Unfortunately, that is exactly what some vengeful spouses do during and after a divorce.

Your ex could surprise you with a divorce filing and then immediately do their best to keep you from seeing the children. During the time that you don't get to see the children, the things that your ex says and does could potentially damage your relationship with them.

Protecting your kids from an abusive ex during a divorce

In the vast majority of situations, the Colorado family courts prefer to arrange for shared custody between parents in a divorce. Sometimes, divorcing couples fight for shared custody out of a desire to punish one another. However, it is also possible to worry about shared custody because of the potential damage it could cause your children.

If your ex has been physically or emotionally abusive toward your children, you likely feel like their safety is your number one concern. Familiarizing yourself with your rights can help you advocate for your children in a divorce involving abuse.

Telling your spouse that you want to end the marriage

Even when you want to end the marriage, it's tough to start that divorce conversation. How do you break the news to your spouse? You know that you don't want to do it in the heat of the moment, during an argument, but how do you approach it?

How will they react?

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