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Warning signs that shared custody isn't your best divorce option

For most married parents divorcing in Colorado, the outcome of custody proceedings will result in co-parenting, which is mutually shared allocation of parental rights and responsibilities between both spouses. In general, the courts prefer comprehensive co-parenting agreements to assigning parental rights to only one adult from the family.

Many people may want to push for full custody, not realizing that the courts typically only award it in specific circumstances. There are certain circumstances in which the best decision for you and your children is to ask the courts to assign primary custody to one parent, instead of shared custody via a co-parenting arrangement.

What role does chronic illness play in divorce rates?

When people say their wedding vows, "until death do us part" is one of the most significant lines. It means that the partnership should last for a lifetime. However, there are also important lines about preserving the relationship in times of poverty as well as financial stability, and in times of health as well as illness.

Sadly, not everybody follows through with that particular vow to their spouse. While infidelity or falling out of love often play roles in the end of a marriage, chronic illness can also contribute to the demise of a relationship.

Divorce and credit card debt: What should you do?

During your marriage, it's common to use joint credit cards for a variety of reasons. While there's nothing wrong with this, it can result in a complex situation should you decide to divorce.

Most divorcing couples focus a good amount of time on asset division, while never thinking twice about the debt that they share. It's okay to fight for the assets you deserve, but you can't escape the divorce process without first dividing your debt.

Actions are more important than a diagnosis when leaving a spouse

As strange as it may seem, it has become borderline trendy for those going through a bad break-up or divorce to attach a dramatic diagnosis to their former partner. Far too many individuals wanting to leave a bad relationship behind decide to play the armchair psychologist.

Based on what they read on some websites and the worst-case interpretation of the behaviors of their partner, they convince themselves that they were with a narcissist or a sociopath. Some may even refer to their partner as a psychopath. While it is certainly true that there are individuals with these severe and diagnosable personality disorders, they are not common.

Getting your share of a pension or retirement account in divorce

Divorce tends to have a powerful impact on your financial situation. Careful financial planning prior to and during a divorce can minimize the financial consequences of your divorce. Especially for those getting close to retirement age, the manner in which individuals plan for divorce can directly impact their quality of life.

Understanding Colorado law regarding pensions and retirement accounts in divorce isn't particularly simple. There are many factors that influence how the courts handle retirement accounts and pensions, meaning that there is no straightforward and standard solution to these significant assets.

Divorce is coming: Here are the red flags to watch out for

You don't need to know the statistics about the divorce rate. You don't need to hear stories from your friends. You don't need to ask family members for advice.

You can still see that divorce is coming. All you need to do is look out for the signs in advance. In most cases, it's clear that you're going to get divorced long before your spouse serves you those divorce papers. You just need to know how to see it and what it means.

What financial documentation do you need when you file divorce?

If you have found yourself thinking about divorce, it is common to feel overwhelmed at the prospect. Many people put off ending a marriage they know in their hearts is over out of fear. Divorce certainly seems frightening, especially with how many anecdotal horror stories are out there.

It's important to never take other people's biased version of their divorce too literally. Many people tend to exaggerate their stories to elicit sympathy or defer any personal blame. Stories exceptional or dramatic enough to attract the media are likewise uncommon. You shouldn't let your fear or nerves related to divorce deter you from pursuing the new beginning you know will be best for you.

Fighting for your rights during a contentious custody battle

It doesn't take much for a divorce to shift from the simple dissolution of a marriage to a pitched, protracted battle between spouses. When the family unit includes minor children, child custody is often the most dramatic and emotional battle in a divorce.

It is, unfortunately, still common for some parents to seek sole custody of their children as a means of punishing their ex. If you know that your spouse will try to obtain sole custody or primary custody of your children in a divorce, it is time to prepare yourself for a potential custody battle. Thankfully, there are steps you can take that will improve your chances of a fair child custody outcome.

Take these steps to get a child support modification

When you're ordered to pay child support by the court, it's important to know exactly what's expected of you. This knowledge allows you to pay in full and on time, without any concerns of making a mistake.

There may come a point when you struggle to make child support payments. If this happens, you shouldn't sit around and wait for things to get worse. You should request a child support modification.

Fighting for what you deserve in your Colorado divorce

Trying to remain civil with your ex during a divorce is an admirable pursuit. Many people do not have the emotional strength to remain friendly with their former spouse. Even in cases where people share children, it can take them many years to rebuild their relationship and move forward after a divorce.

While prioritizing a healthy relationship moving forward is a good idea, you should not do so at the expense of your own financial security. Some individuals experiencing divorce are so eager to avoid conflict that they make mistakes that will impact them for years to come.

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