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Holding your ex responsible for the costs of their affair

Finding out that your spouse has been cheating on you can be an emotionally devastating experience. The person whom you loved and trusted more than anyone else in the world has betrayed that trust and sought affection from someone else. Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce.

All too often, the spouse who didn't cheat may feel compelled to seek some sort of revenge or perhaps justice through the court system. When it comes to both child custody and asset division, infidelity will not factor into the process.

Could divorce actually be contagious in social circles?

You can catch a lot of serious illnesses by sharing in various ways with other people. Infectious mononucleosis, also called mono or "the kissing disease," could spread by sharing straws or drinks with someone who has the virus. You can catch the bacteria causing serious cavities in someone's mouth just by kissing them. As it turns out, the desire to divorce may be contagious as well.

Recent studies have affirmed what many people have suspected for years. When one person in a close-knit social group goes through a divorce to end an unhappy marriage, other people in that social circle may soon follow suit. In other words, if you have a friend getting a divorce, that might increase your chances of considering a divorce as well.

Could you be a victim of marital financial abuse?

What do you think of when you hear the words "domestic abuse"? Most people think of physical violence committed by one partner against the other, or perhaps "gaslighting," a form of psychological abuse where one partner attempts to make their spouse question their own sanity.

Most people don't immediately think of the financial abuse victims can suffer when their spouses financially abuse them. Indeed, some victims — usually females — may not even realize they are being victimized financially.

Divorce and teen angst: When a divorce is a struggle for kids

As the parent of a teenager, you know that designing a custody arrangement is not going to be simple. Your teen has their own opinions on what should happen, which can make it more difficult for you and your spouse to separate while being sensitive to their needs.

For parents of teens who are against the divorce, it is not uncommon to find that the teen refuses to move or follow custody arrangements out of anger or frustration. For teens who want the divorce, for whatever reason, parents may find it difficult to get them to willingly participate in anything other than what they believe the divorce should result in.

Could a soft landing for your ex make co-parenting easier?

When dealing with the emotional complications of divorce, it is common for people to want to get as far away from their ex as possible. It seems natural to want a little space while recovering from the end of a relationship. However, that first impulse may not be the best way to handle relocating during a divorce.

Instead, staying in the same general neighborhood may offer benefits, especially if you share children. Securing a new residence very close to the family home is a new trend for divorcing co-parents to consider. This practice, called a soft landing, could potentially make co-parenting easier for everyone in your family.

How an addiction to a video game could impact your divorce

Couples seek divorce for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes, issues with spousal abuse come into play. Other times, an affair can lead to the end of a marriage. One modern and increasingly common issue that can cause the deterioration of a marital relationship is video game addiction.

When one spouse spends and obsessive amount of time playing the same video game or just dedicates too much time overall to video gaming, it can lead to dissatisfaction with the marriage and a breakdown in the bond between spouses.

Documenting your spouse's instability for custody proceedings

Colorado courts do their utmost to focus on what's best for children in a divorce. After all, it is a well-known fact that divorce can have an adverse effect on the mental health of children. The courts want to do anything in their power to mitigate the potential damage that can result from parents choosing to divorce.

Typically, this means focusing on what the children need during the development process for the parenting plan, which will outline how the courts choose to allocate parental rights and responsibilities. The courts will look at the family situation carefully and try to create a parenting plan that supports a healthy relationship with both parents.

Sometimes, the most valuable asset in a divorce is your pet

Not all families involve children. Even those that do may also include four-legged family members. Pets and companion animals often wind up overlooked in the early stages of a divorce. It can take someone a little bit of time to come around to the realization that a divorce will affect their "fur baby" as well as their children and finances.

For many people, especially those without children, possession of a pet after a divorce can quickly become a very contentious issue. If you feel worried about how you and your spouse will address your pets in your divorce, educating yourself about Colorado's approach to animals in a divorce can help.

How the courts will handle student loans in a Colorado divorce

When it comes to debt incurred in a marriage, student loans are likely rivaled only by mortgages. They are some of the most substantial debts people ever take on, and it may take many decades for any individual to pay off all of their loans.

The sad truth is, even if you don't finish your degree, you will still have to pay back every penny you borrowed with the hope of continuing your education.

How to handle real estate investments in a divorce

Many couples look for ways to invest their excess income intelligently during their marriages. After all, diversification is key to withstanding economic ups and downs and market fluctuations. Many people in Colorado choose to invest in real estate. This often proves to be a wise decision, especially considering the influx of new residents to the state in recent years.

When you start considering divorce, those real estate investments can suddenly become a major source of contention. After all, each property probably has significant value. Whether you own them outright or have a mortgage on these properties, both you and your spouse likely want to retain some of your ownership interest.

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