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Locating all marital assets is key to getting a fair divorce

Getting divorced can cause a lot of stress and upheaval in your life. It's only natural to want to get the process over with as quickly as possible. Sadly, far too many people rush the processes involved in divorce, which can result in less-than-optimal outcomes for one or both spouses. Ensuring that a divorce is fair to everyone often involves quite a bit of research and planning.

The two areas that are often most hotly contested in a divorce are asset division and custody of the minor children from the marriage. While custody proceedings are often relatively straightforward, there's potential for secrets or hidden assets to impact the outcome of the asset division process. The more assets you and your spouse acquired during your marriage, the greater the potential for your spouse to hide assets to avoid splitting them in divorce.

A few tips for divorcing a narcissistic husband

Even under the best of conditions, divorce is a difficult situation to go through. When your ex is a narcissist, you might face some challenges that make the situation even more complex.

The divorce isn't going to be easy if your ex is narcissistic. In fact, he will likely make your life as hard as possible just because he can. The good news here is that you can reduce the stress you will feel if you prepare for the antics that your ex will try.

Costly mistakes to avoid in a divorce

Divorce is tricky. Very tricky. Just one wrong move can cost you and damage your financial future. This is why it is important to approach your divorce like a business transaction. Leaving your emotions out of the process and letting logic and reason rule will make a huge impact on the outcome of your divorce. Unfortunately, like many other aspects of life, this is easier said than done.

In order to stay focused and organized, it is important that you recruit the right divorce team. This might mean enlisting the help of an accountant, financial advisor, therapist, and even family and friends. Furthermore, it is just as important to avoid some costly mistakes.

New law eradicates tax deductions that apply to alimony payments

Are you expecting to benefit from a tax break on your alimony payments? Under new legislation, lawmakers have eradicated the deductions that apply to alimony payments made to ex-spouses.

For spouses who have already finalized their divorces -- and for those who finalize their divorces before Dec. 31, 2017 -- they will still be able to benefit from the tax break. However, for spouses who are currently in the midst of their divorce process, these changes could affect their ongoing negotiations.

Believe it or not, divorce does have its benefits

If you are thinking about divorce, then you may be worried about everything from the cost of your attorney to losing your spouse's income, and even how to divide your marital assets. For example, if the two of you own a small business in the Denver area, you may have to consider letting your ex buy you out.

Even though divorce seems to come with a lot of negative aspects, there are some benefits. To find out about the upside of divorce, read below.

You don't need cause to divorce in Colorado

You and your spouse have reached an impasse. Perhaps there's been infidelity. There could also be issues with substance abuse or even spousal abuse. In many cases, divorce is just the result of two people who have grown apart and no longer have a healthy and happy relationship. There are as many reasons for divorce as there are divorcing couples.

If you've decided that divorce is the inevitable outcome of your marital breakdown, you may wonder if you need to establish a cause or grounds for divorce. Every state has a different legal approach to both marriage and divorce. While some states make obtaining a divorce a relatively difficult process, Colorado allows most anyone who is married seek a divorce without ever stating a cause or proving fault.

You can request a custody modification after your divorce

Many people go into a sort of shock during divorce. People can behave in uncharacteristic ways. Some people can become more aggressive and angry during divorce. Others may shut down entirely, getting swept away in the process. Then, when the divorce is over, they realize that things definitely did not go their way in court. Everything from asset division to child custody could be skewed to favor the spouse who was more aggressive during the divorce.

All kinds of factors, from outside legal issues, chemical dependence or even depression from the divorce itself could result in one parent failing to assert his or her parental rights in court. These people still deserve to have healthy and ongoing relationships with their children.

Gray divorce: Know what you need for a fair settlement

Your kids are old enough to be in college, and the brood has finally left the home. You thought this was when you'd get back to the life you had with your spouse, spending time together and enjoying some of your golden years. Unfortunately, your spouse had other ideas, and he is seeking a divorce.

A gray divorce is a sad event, but it doesn't mean that you have to move forward without the things you need in the future. You've built a life together, and now you need to make sure you get what you need to have a life apart from your spouse.

Ensuring fair asset division by properly pricing possessions

For most couples, the two most contentious issues in a divorce will be the division of property and debts, and any arrangements regarding child custody. People who otherwise behave ethically may do some questionable things during divorce out of a need for justice or revenge. Hiding assets to skew the asset division is a relatively common practice.

The courts require that you create an inventory of your possessions for your divorce proceedings. That can result in your spouse potentially hiding assets to avoid splitting them or reporting their substantial value. Sometimes, assets get hidden in a manner than makes them easy to track down and easy to put a price on. After all, a hidden savings account will have a definite cash value. Other assets, however, aren't always as simple to put an accurate price on.

Planning ahead can help you thrive after a gray divorce

The kids have moved out of the house, you are on the verge of retirement, and you are entering a new phase in your life. You might be wondering if that new life should or should not include your husband. You are not the only one that has questioned whether or not divorce should be on the table after more than 30 years of marriage. But, the idea of starting over after the age of 50 may seem terrifying.

Like with most major life choices, planning ahead is key if you decide to start the divorce process. By putting certain things in motion and preparing yourself emotionally and mentally, you will be able to thrive after a gray divorce.

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