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Does Colorado Have Common Law Marriage?

Yes. The state of Colorado is one of the few U.S. states in which you can enter into a common law marriage.

"Common law" is a marriage that is recognized by the state without the benefit of a formal marriage license or a traditional or civil ceremony attended by others. Certain factors must be established in order for a common law marriage to occur and to be recognized as such. When such factors have been established, common law marriages are subject to all of the legal issues connected with any other marriage, including legal separation and the Colorado divorce process.

At the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC, our Centennial common law marriage attorneys can represent you in any family law matter you may have, including divorce, child custody and support, alimony, the division of marital property and debts, and more. Our firm focuses on family law, which has given us the experience and knowledge needed to provide effective legal assistance both inside and outside family law courts.

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Common Law Marriages in Colorado

Under Colorado law and precedent, the state has established that a common law marriage must have certain factors to be considered valid.

These are:

  • The partners must cohabit
  • They must have mutually agreed to be married
  • They must have demonstrated mutual agreement, such as acknowledging to others that they are married or otherwise presenting themselves as a married couple

The state does not require a specific time period of cohabitation to validate a common law marriage. A couple could live together for years but, if they have not mutually agreed to be married and demonstrated that agreement to others, they have not satisfied the terms of a common law marriage. Colorado courts treat common law marriages exactly the same way as traditional, statutory marriages which means that all the same legal issues, requirements, and procedures apply.

Ending a Common Law Marriage in Colorado - Is Divorce Required?

Common law marriages in Colorado can include both opposite sex and same-sex couples. Both types of common law marriages will require a formal divorce to dissolve the relationship with a divorce settlement that properly handles all of the issues pertinent to the circumstances, such as child custody and visitation, support matters, and how to divide assets and debts.

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