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Dealing with the passing of a relative or other loved one is not only emotionally difficult, but it also presents challenging legal issues. Generally, such legal matters involve the disposition of the deceased person’s property and payment of their debts. Often, different parties may have competing claims over the decedent’s assets and property, which might not be resolved without engaging in litigation.

If you have been confronted with the task of distributing a deceased loved one’s property, you should contact the Law Office of Alexandra White, P.C. to consult our experienced probate attorney in Centennial for legal advice. Attorney Krista Beauchamp has a sophisticated understanding of the legal issues that arise in probate disputes.

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Compassionate Probate Services

The law of probate concerns how the assets and liabilities of a deceased person—known as the testamentary estate—will be distributed upon their death. In probate proceedings, courts try to resolve conflicting claims about this issue based on the wishes of the deceased person. However, without live testimony from the decedent about their intent, the court can only rely on evidence such as the decedent’s Last Will and Testament.

During probate proceedings, the court appoints a person to act as the personal representative or special administrator of the decedent’s estate. A personal representative or special administrator has a legal obligation to administer and protect the decedent’s estate according to the decedent’s wishes and Colorado probate law.

At the Law Office of Alexandra White, P.C., we will compassionately guide you through the following probate issues:

  • Informal probate proceedings: The Colorado Probate Code provides an informal probate process in cases where there are no competing claims regarding the decedent’s estate. This process is more expedient than probate proceedings with contested estates.
  • Administration of small estates: Under the Colorado Probate Code, estates valued under $64,000 in personal property and with no real estate can be administered in a special, simplified proceeding.
  • Supervised probate administration: In certain cases, the court must supervise the personal representative in the administration of a decedent’s estate. Typically, matters involving disputes about the appropriate distribution of the estate require court supervision of the probate case. The Court may also supervise administration if the original will cannot be found, or if the registrar has concerns about the authenticity of the will.
  • Appointment of personal representatives or special administrators: The Colorado Probate Code governs the appointment of a personal representative for a decedent’s estate. Typically, this role is determined per the provisions of a valid will. However, Colorado law provides a list of appropriate people to fill this role if there is not an appointment listed in a will. Anyone may be nominated for the role though, if the other qualifying individuals sign nominations, and renounce their right to claim the role.
  • Legal rights and responsibilities of personal representatives or special administrators: A personal representative or special administrator serves as the person responsible for handling the administration of a testamentary estate in place of the decedent. They must adhere to specific powers and duties outlined in the Colorado Probate Code.

Let the Law Office of Alexandra White, P.C. Help You

Are you looking for a sympathetic and knowledgeable probate lawyer in Centennial to advise you about the probate of a person’s will and the administration of the assets and liabilities they left behind? If so, you stand to benefit from consulting an experienced attorney from the Law Offices of Alexandra White, P.C. for legal counsel. You can count on the services that our skilled wills, trusts, and estates attorney, Krista Beauchamp, offers regarding probate matters arising under Colorado probate law.

Please contact the Law Office of Alexandra White, P.C. online or call our firm at (303) 647-4245 to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation about your legal questions and concerns today.

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  • Scott Brehm

    I worked with Krista Beauchamp at this law office and had a terrific experience. She communicated very well, took an interest in my needs and outlined her approach, then followed through quickly and effectively, keeping me informed throughout the process.

  • Henry Caspersen

    Thank you to Alex and her whole team. Very much appreciate the professionalism and expertise of everyone I've had contact with at the firm. I recommend Alex White to anyone who needs a divorce attorney in Centennial. Also very much appreciate working with

  • Scott Howell

    Divorce is an emotional and difficult time in anyone’s life to have to go through and it shouldn’t be done alone. The moment I walked into the office Colleen made me feel welcome and made me feel like I was part of their family. Alex and her staff will wor

  • Courtney Weis

    Alexandra White was incredible in handling my child support custody order. I was so pleased from her work and the outcome that I came back to use her once again to resolve child support modification. If you want someone you can trust she’s the one you need

  • Paul Winters

    Alex White is the crème de la creme of Divorce Attorneys. Alex is well known for being one of the top Divorce Attorneys in Denver. She is beyond talented in every respect of Divorce Law. Ms. White is tough, but fair, on your side, of course. There was not

  • Sam Garg

    Hiring Alex was the best decision I made. Alex took over a complex and poorly managed case that had been lingering for 18 months and delivered a very favorable outcome and settlement within 4 weeks. Her ability to orchestrate and effect a resolution are th

  • Diane Thomas Homes

    I retained Alex White to represent me from May 2011 until final in Sept 2013. It was a very complicated divorce due to my ex being an attorney and therefore it was a battle that I might add she conquered! Alex was professional at all times and executed eac

  • Andy H.

    Divorce is painful, complicated and lasting. Ensure you have a great team to support you every step of the way. Attorneys Alex White provided me great guidance and legal advice that I wholeheartedly recommend.

  • Richard K.

    The Law office of Alexandra White are a pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable staff, fast communication, I would definitely recommend and use them again. Thank you for everything.

  • Marshall A.

    Alex White is an excellent family law attorney in Centennial. I've referred clients her way and everyone says that she is very professional and what they like the most is that she wins cases in court because of her "aggressive" approach to the court system

  • Mark W.

    Alexandra White is my preferred choice for Denver divorce lawyers because she runs an incredible law office and she really cares about your marriage and ultimately wants to help you and your spouse achieve the desired results where everyone wins.

  • Steve B.

    Alex has been a tremendous help in diffusing high conflict post-decree problems. I can't recommend Alex enough!

  • Sarah Schlosser

    I can’t sing the praises of Alex White enough. Her outstanding knowledge and the professionalism she displayed during my financially complex divorce was above and beyond. Though my ex and his attorney tried many avenues to prolong the divorce proceeding, i

  • Tony A.

    I retained the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC to represent me in my divorce process in June 2015. I worked with both Alex White. He made a difficult situation easier to handle. He responded promptly and thoroughly to all of my questions and concerns, we

  • Dave

    Alex took me through what proved to be a more than difficult post divorce custody litigation. She was knowledgeable, supportive and more importantly tenacious. She kept expectations reasonable, information was plentiful as were the potential options availa

  • Sarah

    Alexandra was very professional, and had the ability to make you feel comfortable even in very uncomfortable situations. She was very knowledgable about the law and the everchanging statutes, and if she did not have an answer she would find it. I would rec

  • Managing Partner

    Extraordinary lawyer. Great abilities to analyze and problem solve. My highest recommendations.

  • Partner

    I have worked with Ms. White on several legal matters. She is a very bright and tenacious young lawyer who embodies the best attributes of our profession.

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