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As parents, your children are likely your top priority when going through a divorce. And that is as it should be. The fallout from divorce, separation, or any family law dispute is often the hardest and most damaging to children who have little understanding of and no control over the situation.

At the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC, our Centennial child custody lawyers are especially sensitive to the needs of children in any custody, divorce, separation, or paternity case. We understand the importance of the deep emotional connection between parents and the children and have earned a reputation for strong advocacy of parental rights.

At this critical time, we believe there is no substitute for trusted and capable legal guidance in creating a parenting plan that is fair and just for the entire family. Ideally, your child will have a continuing and meaningful relationship with both parents and, through diligence, we can help in creating a workable resolution that is in the best interests of your child.

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Child Custody Laws in Colorado

Under Colorado child custody law, the term "child custody" has been changed to "parenting responsibilities," which involve:

  • Legal responsibility, such as decision-making about the child’s welfare, health, education, and other important areas of life
  • Parenting time, usually creating a schedule of time spent between the parents’ separate households

These factors can be split jointly or can be assigned on a separate basis. However, except in the most extreme cases involving domestic violence, child abuse, or substance abuse, courts favor a child spending some time with both parents.

Parenting time may be divided equally or non-equally depending on the circumstances of the situation. The parent whom the child spends the most time with is often referred to as the “custodial” parent while the other parent is referred to as “noncustodial” parent with “visitation rights.”

These factors will apply to parents going through a divorce, as well as to unmarried parents involved in an allocation of parental responsibilities case in the courts. In either situation, it is important to have an experienced Centennial custody attorney on your side.

Common Issues in Child Custody Cases

Disruption with Visitation : Visitation disruptions are one of the most common types of child custody issues. In some cases, parents disrupt visitation times if the other parent isn’t paying child support. In other cases, a parent may fail to follow court orders, such as dropping off the child at the agreed time or place. These can become a major issue among parents, requiring them to go to court over and over.

Parent Relocations: Parent relocations are another common issue that is present during child custody cases. Often, the parent with sole custody of the child wants to move out-of-state, making visitation times difficult for the other parent. However, parent relocations cannot take place unless the court grants them permission.

Joint & Primary Parenting Responsibilities

If both parents regularly house their child and have the right to make decisions on their behalf, then they have a joint parenting responsibility.

Alternatively, if a parent spends less than 90 days per year housing their child, they are considered to be engaged in a primary parenting responsibility arrangement. In a primary parenting responsibility situation, whichever parents houses the child most or all of the time is considered the primary parent.

Whichever parent houses the child more may also be considered the head of household in addition to being the custodial parent, giving them certain benefits such as tax breaks.

Co-parents can distribute time with their child in a wide range of ways. For example, parents can decide to exchange custody every week, alot certain days of the week and weekend for their child to spend with each parent in an alternating fashion, or determine that one parent can visit a child but not house them.

A custody attorney can help you identify and pursue the ideal parenting responsibility distribution for you and your child.

What Factors Does the Court Consider in a Custody Case?

In any child custody dispute, the court's primary concern will always be the best interests of the child. Assuming the parents are relying on the judge to develop a parenting responsibility agreement on their behalf, the judge will always do what they think is best for the child. Some factors the court considers in custody cases include:

  • Each parent's current relationship and history with the child;
  • The health and age of both parents;
  • Whether either parent has a history of behavior such as domestic violence or neglect that could make them unfit to parent;
  • Each parent's financial situation;
  • How a proposed custody arrangement would impact the child's life;
  • The child's own preferences if they're mature enough to have a say; and
  • Any other factors the court considers relevant to the case.

Our Centennial child custody attorneys will work with you to ensure you pursue the best possible outcome in your custody dispute, fighting relentlessly for your parental rights in and out of the courtroom.

Our Centennial Child Custody Attorneys Provide Guidance & Support

At the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC, we believe that you know your child and family situation best which is why it is in your best interests to reach an agreement outside of court. Our Arapahoe County child custody attorneys are here to facilitate a resolution and smooth transition of child custody through sound legal guidance and support.

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