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5 Common Issues in Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases are highly emotional and are often complicated. In many cases, parents have different desired outcomes and can’t come to an agreement with important factors. To keep you prepared for your custody case, our Colombia child custody attorneys have put together the five most common issues that arise in child custody cases.

#1: Disruption with Visitation

Visitation disruptions are one of the most common types of child custody issues. In some cases, parents disrupt visitation times if the other parent isn’t paying child support. In other cases, a parent may fail to follow court orders, such as dropping off the child at the agreed time or place. These can become a major issue among parents, requiring them to go to court over and over.

#2: Parent Relocations

Parent relocations are another common issue that is present during child custody cases. Often, the parent with sole custody of the child wants to move out-of-state, making visitation times difficult for the other parent. However, parent relocations cannot take place unless the court grants them permission.

#3: Virtual Visitation Issues

Another common child custody issue involves virtual visitation. The court may allow parents to have a set number of phone calls a day with the child. However, if the parent refuses to take calls or allow the child to speak with the other parent, this can quickly become a major issue.

#4: Decisions with the Child’s Upbringing

If the parents can’t agree with the child’s upbringing, it can stir up more issues in child custody cases. For such reasons, it’s vital for parents to come up with an agreement on how to raise their child during mediation.

#5: Access to Information About the Child

In some cases, parents withhold information from the other parent about the child, especially medical or educational information. This can become a significant problem, especially if both parents have legal custody of the child.

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