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Suicide rates among teens in Colorado have risen sharply

As a parent, you want to give your child the best possible opportunities in life. Unfortunately, some of the decisions that you make out of necessity for your own health and well-being could have a damaging effect on your child's psychological health. Certain family situations can increase the risk of teen stress and depression, including parental divorce.

Protect your child's psychological health during your divorce

When you are going through a divorce, your children need to know that life with both parents is going to continue even if you and your ex live in two homes. Take steps to help protect their psychological health throughout the process. This isn't always easy because it is sometimes hard to understand what they are thinking and what they need.

Being a Witness in a Family Law case

When a client is going through a dissolution of marriage, or is otherwise involved in a family law matter, it is often their first exposure to the court system and the idea of getting up on the witness stand an testifying under oath before a judge can seem very intimidating.  The best way to reduce anxiety about testimony, however, is to be prepared. 

Protecting the kids in a divorce

When in a divorce, it can be very important for a parent to take appropriate measures to protect their rights and interests. Another thing that it can be extremely important for a divorcing parent to do is to take appropriate steps to protect their kids and their kids' best interests.

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