How Long Do I Have to Wait Before Receiving Alimony Payments?

If you're currently involved in or are preparing to wrap up a divorce, you may have obtained an alimony order from the court. Today, we're covering how long you can expect to wait before receiving alimony from your ex or soon-to-be-ex spouse.

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When Will I Start Receiving Alimony?

Typically, you will start receiving alimony when the judge issues the alimony order for your case. Depending on the circumstances of your divorce and the type of alimony you're receiving, the day you start receiving alimony could vary some.

In some divorces, alimony recipients start receiving alimony during the divorce process. Depending on the divorce, these alimony payments could stop when the divorce is finalized, or continue post-divorce.

In other cases, alimony payments will start after the divorce is finalized and the court issues a divorce decree.

How Will I Receive Alimony?

Again, it depends on the circumstances of your case. In some alimony cases, individuals may receive alimony in the form of a lump-sum cash payment or property that is equivalent to the total amount of alimony owed.

However, courts often issue income withholding orders in conjunction with alimony payments - income withholding orders automatically deduct spousal support payments from payors' paychecks, ensuring the alimony is transferred to the recipient's accounts without issues.

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