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Will you need spousal maintenance after a Colorado divorce?

Far too many people seem to stay in unhappy marriages for purely financial reasons. It is a common issue, as many people cannot maintain the lifestyle they want on a single income. For those who stay home to care for the house or raise children, concerns about the ability to independently support themselves may be even more serious.

Is it time to end your spousal maintenance payments?

The legal obligation of a higher-earning spouse to provide financial support for a spouse who makes less money after a divorce is known as alimony in some states or spousal support in others. In Colorado, the legal term used by the courts is maintenance.

Don't forget to deduct those alimony payments!

As women rise in the workforce, become successful entrepreneurs, and begin to outpace their husbands in earnings, more and more are finding themselves having to make alimony payments. If you have been the main breadwinner during your marriage, you may find yourself in the same position. When you begin the divorce process, your spouse may demand alimony as part of the settlement. Or, if you find yourself in a Colorado divorce court, the judge may require that you make alimony payments.

When can you seek changes to spousal support orders?

Your divorce was many years ago, and in your opinion, you've paid more than enough support to your ex-spouse. You have an obligation to continue paying thanks to the court's decision, but you believe you should have the right to change those orders because of a number of situational factors.

Will alimony be part of your divorce settlement?

Getting divorced comes with difficulties and complications that can seem like impossible hurdles. You will have to face child custody issues and property division. You will also have to make decisions about how you will earn an income to support yourself and your children. Child support will help, but it may not be enough to fully maintain your accustomed stand of living. You have not had a job since your first child was born, so it may take some time before you are able to find employment. What will you do until you have an acceptable level of income?

Will I have to pay alimony in my divorce?

In a previous generation, it used to be that men almost always paid some kind of financial support to their ex-wives after divorce. Now, things are different. It's more realistic to think that a woman would eventually be able to support herself financially after her marriage ends.

VIDEO: Will alimony or maintenance apply in my case?

In the past, alimony -- or maintenance, as it is now referred to in Colorado -- was determined on a case-by-case basis. That meant parties going through divorce were never quite sure how maintenance would apply in their cases until it was finally ordered by the judge.

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