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Words of caution when divorcing a narcissist

Many factors in a divorce require specific consideration, such as when either party is a narcissist. In these cases, it might be much more difficult to go through mediation or collaborative methods to determine the settlement. This could lead to a messy divorce trial that takes time and money.

How the right attorney can protect you from your divorce emotions

By its very nature of dealing with the dissolution of a long-term, committed relationship, divorce is inherently complicated, difficult and emotional for most people. It is natural and understandable to have intense feelings about the end of your marriage, even if you know divorce is the best decision for you and your spouse.

What happens to your pets in a Colorado divorce?

Couples without biological children may refer to their pets as their fur babies. Even those with children may still dote excessively on their companion animals, such as pet dogs or cats. For those couples, the custody or ownership of their beloved companion animal may be one of the most contentious issues in their divorce.

Should I divorce my spouse if they are suffering from addiction?

Addiction is a psychological illness that is as pervasive as any other disease. It can manifest itself in many ways, from the use of alcohol and drugs to engaging in compulsive gambling or sexual relationships. The obsessions that addicts develop are inevitably going to lead to tensions in a marriage. This is because addicts will tend to prioritize their addiction above anything else, including finances and their children's well-being.

Telling your spouse that you want to end the marriage

Even when you want to end the marriage, it's tough to start that divorce conversation. How do you break the news to your spouse? You know that you don't want to do it in the heat of the moment, during an argument, but how do you approach it?

Actions are more important than a diagnosis when leaving a spouse

As strange as it may seem, it has become borderline trendy for those going through a bad break-up or divorce to attach a dramatic diagnosis to their former partner. Far too many individuals wanting to leave a bad relationship behind decide to play the armchair psychologist.

What financial documentation do you need when you file divorce?

If you have found yourself thinking about divorce, it is common to feel overwhelmed at the prospect. Many people put off ending a marriage they know in their hearts is over out of fear. Divorce certainly seems frightening, especially with how many anecdotal horror stories are out there.

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