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March 2019 Archives

Baby boomers have special considerations in divorce

Values and ideals change from generation to generation. In many ways, baby boomers were the first generation to socially accept divorce. They are also the generation that is reaching retirement age right now. So, it should be little surprise then, that baby boomers have a higher divorce rate than many other generations.

Video games, dating, curfew matter in parenting plans for teens

Parenting a teenager isn't easy under the best of circumstances. When your family is going through difficult transitions, such as a divorce, that can lead to incredibly difficult behaviors from the teenagers in your family.

Divorce usually means changing your retirement plans as well

Divorce often has a ripple effect on your life. It doesn't just affect your relationship with your ex. It also changes where you live, whom you spend time with, your relationship with your children, your financial circumstances and perhaps your career.

Enforcing your parenting time rights after a divorce

When parents choose to divorce, they must find a way to fairly divide many of their most important assets and liabilities, as well as the time they spend with their children. For many people, sharing parenting time with their children is difficult, and can cause enormous conflicts in their family long after the divorce finalizes.

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