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October 2019 Archives

What steps make a Colorado marital separation legal or official?

Divorce is not the only solution to a marriage where change is necessary. One option many people in Colorado who are unhappy with their marriage tend to overlook is legal separation instead of a formal divorce or dissolution of their marriage. Some people consider a legal separation a stepping stone to divorce, which it can be, but it can also be a solution in and of itself.

Gray divorces are on the rise while other divorce rates drop

The number of Americans seeking divorces has dropped in recent years. In fact, a recently published statistical analysis shows that overall divorce rates are down to their lowest point in the last four decades for most demographics in the United States. This drop could be due, in part, to lower marriage rates among the younger generations, as well as a commitment to avoid broken homes among children of divorced parents.

Do you need a divorce after a common law marriage in Colorado?

For most people, their marriage begins after an engagement and a wedding ceremony, however small it may be. Whether the couple goes to the justice of the peace or has a large church wedding, the legal consequences of that marriage are the same. There will be a combination of witnesses and official paperwork to help validate the marriage.

A new law in Colorado prevents children under 16 from marrying

Child marriages still happen in Colorado, despite many people believing they are against the law. Children under the age of 18 can legally marry in Colorado provided that they obtain the permission of their parents or, in certain cases, the approval of a judge. The age of the individuals, as well as their reasons for marrying, can factor into their ability to do so.

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