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July 2019 Archives

Is it time to end your spousal maintenance payments?

The legal obligation of a higher-earning spouse to provide financial support for a spouse who makes less money after a divorce is known as alimony in some states or spousal support in others. In Colorado, the legal term used by the courts is maintenance.

Words of caution when divorcing a narcissist

Many factors in a divorce require specific consideration, such as when either party is a narcissist. In these cases, it might be much more difficult to go through mediation or collaborative methods to determine the settlement. This could lead to a messy divorce trial that takes time and money.

How the right attorney can protect you from your divorce emotions

By its very nature of dealing with the dissolution of a long-term, committed relationship, divorce is inherently complicated, difficult and emotional for most people. It is natural and understandable to have intense feelings about the end of your marriage, even if you know divorce is the best decision for you and your spouse.

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