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August 2018 Archives

Sometimes, the most valuable asset in a divorce is your pet

Not all families involve children. Even those that do may also include four-legged family members. Pets and companion animals often wind up overlooked in the early stages of a divorce. It can take someone a little bit of time to come around to the realization that a divorce will affect their "fur baby" as well as their children and finances.

How the courts will handle student loans in a Colorado divorce

When it comes to debt incurred in a marriage, student loans are likely rivaled only by mortgages. They are some of the most substantial debts people ever take on, and it may take many decades for any individual to pay off all of their loans.

How to handle real estate investments in a divorce

Many couples look for ways to invest their excess income intelligently during their marriages. After all, diversification is key to withstanding economic ups and downs and market fluctuations. Many people in Colorado choose to invest in real estate. This often proves to be a wise decision, especially considering the influx of new residents to the state in recent years.

Can you expect child support to help with college in Colorado?

When you're a parent, you want to give your children the best possible start to life. That often means focusing on both physical and mental development. Providing a safe home with proper nutrition helps a child grow strong and healthy. Good schooling, including college and post graduate studies, may be necessary for optimal mental and professional development.

Who pays for private school tuition after a divorce?

During your marriage, it is likely that much of the household income went toward the costs regarding your children. Whether that was extracurricular activities, clothing, family holidays or private school tuition, the amount spend on a child's life over the course of a year is notable. Therefore, when you go through a divorce, it is difficult to navigate how to effectively split the costs, especially within a high-income family.

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