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July 2017 Archives

When all signs point to divorce

Have you been wondering if staying in your marriage is the right decision? Have you been recently thinking that divorce may be an option? During the course of a marriage, it is not uncommon to wonder if you made the correct choice when you got married or think about life free from marriage. Some couples are able to work through downturns in their relationships and come out stronger. However, there are other couples that find happiness and the lives they truly want by ending their marriages.

Don’t forget to deduct those alimony payments!

As women rise in the workforce, become successful entrepreneurs, and begin to outpace their husbands in earnings, more and more are finding themselves having to make alimony payments. If you have been the main breadwinner during your marriage, you may find yourself in the same position. When you begin the divorce process, your spouse may demand alimony as part of the settlement. Or, if you find yourself in a Colorado divorce court, the judge may require that you make alimony payments.

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