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November 2018 Archives

Fighting for what you deserve in your Colorado divorce

Trying to remain civil with your ex during a divorce is an admirable pursuit. Many people do not have the emotional strength to remain friendly with their former spouse. Even in cases where people share children, it can take them many years to rebuild their relationship and move forward after a divorce.

Getting through the holiday season when considering divorce

The holidays are usually a time of immense joy and expectation. People travel to visit loved ones or prepare themselves for hosting and parties. They spend time and energy, as well as gobs of money, buying presents for one another. Some people spend the whole year looking forward to the days and weeks leading up to the Christmas season.

Are you losing your parenting time?

What is a Parenting Plan?

In Colorado, parents have to submit a parenting plan when they are going through the divorce process. This plan can be filled out jointly, or if a mutual agreement can't be reached, a judge will make the decision on parental rights.

Focusing on your kids can help you make better divorce decisions

The intense emotions that arise during a divorce can lead you to act in ways you usually would not. It can be hard to separate what is rational from your emotions. That can lead to compromised decision-making and impetuous or rash actions that hurt you or your family.

Cutting off the other parent can hurt your Colorado custody case

One of the biggest fears parents have about divorcing is that it will damage the relationship with their children. In most cases, children and teenagers whose parents divorce go through emotional upheavals but eventually reconcile their feelings with their parents' decision. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

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