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When do you need a forensic accountant in a divorce?

When you divorce, you may want to keep things amicable. Unfortunately, the process of divorce tends to bring out the worst in some people. Although you're hoping to keep things straightforward and fair, your former spouse may be trying to take advantage of you.

In families where one spouse earns more than the other, it isn't uncommon for the higher earner to begin hiding assets once divorce becomes likely. When assets are hidden, it becomes that much harder to obtain a fair and equitable division of property during a divorce. If you believe your spouse is hiding assets, you'll need professional help.

An attorney can provide advice and guidance about how hidden assets could impact your divorce. More importantly, your attorney can help you locate the hidden assets by enlisting the assistance of a trustworthy and experienced forensic accountant. Forensic accountants can discover all kinds of hidden assets. You should consider hiring one if you have any reason to believe your former spouse was hiding some income.

A forensic accountant can help ensure the division of assets is fair

Colorado's divorce laws make it an equitable property state. Unless the couple agrees on the distribution of assets, the court will divide them in a manner deemed fair. What is fair will vary based on many circumstances, such as the number of children, special health needs and other considerations.

Those who have stayed at home to raise children will clearly have earned less during the marriage. Generally, stay-at-home spouses and parents are still entitled to a portion of the assets that were accrued during the marriage.

When one spouse is intentionally hiding assets, fair division becomes that much more difficult. If you wish for an equitable division of assets, your best option will be to work with an experienced Colorado divorce attorney. Your attorney can help you connect with a reputable and competent forensic accountant.

A forensic accountant can review your financial records and determine if your former spouse has been hiding assets by depositing funds in a secret bank account or purchasing valuable goods and keeping them secret. Finding those assets is critical to fair asset division during divorce.

Legal guidance for a better divorce outcome

If you have reason to believe your former spouse is hiding assets, you should enlist legal help. Your attorney can help you work with professionals who can locate and place a correct value on hidden assets. When it comes time for court, your attorney can advocate on your behalf to the courts.

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