Divorce Can Significantly Impact a Person's Investment Portfolio

Many things can change for a person here in Colorado as a result of getting a divorce. One is what their investment portfolio looks like. This is because investments are among the assets that are sometimes marital assets and thus are sometimes subject to being split up between the divorcing spouses in the divorce asset division. 

How specifically a divorcing couple's investments are dealt with in an asset division can have major portfolio-related impacts on both of the members of the couple. Among the things the specifics of an investment division in a divorce can impact for a divorcing individual are:

  • What investment-related decisions will be before them following the divorce.
  • How balanced their portfolio is.
  • Whether their portfolio has any particular holes in it.
  • What sorts of changes a person may want to make to their portfolio following the divorce. 

Given the major changes a divorce can have on a person's investment portfolio, some find conducting a review of their portfolio helpful following a divorce.

Of course, paying attention to the portfolio-related impacts of a divorce is not only important after a divorce has occurred, but also during the divorce process. Given the impactful nature that how investments are divided in a divorce can have, it can be very important for a person to keep their long-term financial and investment goals in mind when in negotiations regarding such asset division. Given the many complicated issues that can happen during divorce property division and the major long-term impacts property division can have, a divorcing individual may want the help of a family law attorney when it comes to the issue of property division in their divorce.