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Is your child support as ordered too high for you to pay?

Divorce is a process full of frustrations and interpersonal issues. You and your former spouse are probably struggling with the idea of co-parenting after a divorce. If you are paying child support during the divorce proceedings, you may become frustrated with the amount of support when compared to the amount of time you get to spend with your children. The temporary custody and support orders created when one party files for divorce often take into account only information provided by the filer. That means that the amount of child support (and potentially spousal support) may be too high for you.

4 tips for mothers regarding custody and support modification

Changing child custody orders might be necessary as your child's needs change or other circumstances shift. You must understand some basic points and make a plan accordingly, whether you are seeking the modification or if your ex files the petition.

What is considered income in terms of child support guidelines?

You agreed to grant physical custody of the kids to your wife as part of your divorce settlement. You know that the court will order you to pay child support for both your children. In general, the state bases the amount of child support that you will pay on the income of both you and your future ex-wife.

VIDEO: How parents can put their kids first during divorce

When parents are determining child custody and parenting time issues, their sole focus must be on the children's best interests. Hurt egos, resentment, disappointment and financial concerns must be kept separate.

VIDEO: How is parenting time determined?

For most parents, the time that they have with their children is their most precious treasure. That's why if you are going through a divorce, you are probably wondering where your children will live and how much time you are going to get to spend with them.

How Colorado courts deal with child custody issues

When parents break up (or were never in a relationship to begin with), child custody is often the biggest legal issue they will encounter. If you're facing this situation, it helps to have a basic understanding of how Colorado law deals with these types of cases.

How does marijuana use factor into custody decisions?

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado for some time now. Still, there are a lot of questions about how a person's marijuana use might affect other legal issues. This is especially true when it comes to family law issues like child custody and parenting time.

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