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Divorced parents who reside in separate states or countries face challenges in their post-divorce lives. Regardless of the distance that separates a mother and father, they must still work together and focus on the best interests of the children. At the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC, we can help you understand your options.

Pre-decree jurisdictional matters involve choosing the jurisdiction that will preside over parenting and support issues. Post-decree matters involve primarily enforcement, modifications, parental relocation, and child abduction.

You don’t have to figure this out alone. Call our Centennial multi-state and international divorce attorneys today at (303) 647-4245. We also represent clients throughout Arapahoe County.

Representing Centennial Residents with Complex Post-Divorce Disputes

Family law attorney Alex White, the founder of our firm, takes on the complexities of multi-state and international jurisdictional issues that arise, both before and after the decree.

  • Parental abduction — All states are supposed to abide by another state's orders uniformly. Tragically, this does not always happen. Some states have adopted the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA) and related warrants while others have not. Other states mandate the opening of an interstate case in the area where the children are believed to reside. We explore all options to have children returned, facilitating AMBER Alerts and partnering with local law enforcement and passport agencies.
  • Relocations — Out-of-state and international relocations are governed by the same rules involving travel distance and other circumstances. International moves often require destination countries to be signatories to the Hague Convention and willing to enforce Colorado state court decisions.
  • Child abuse or neglect — If abuse or neglect of a child residing in another state is suspected, we move quickly to pursue an emergency allocation of parental responsibility when Colorado will assume jurisdiction (whether temporary or permanent). Upon approval, interim steps can be taken to protect the children.

International divorces where the parties live in different countries can quickly become complicated. In addition to the above matters, navigating the following issues during an international divorce can be challenging:

  • Child custody. Even if you aren't worried your spouse may try to abduct your child, determining how to share custody across country borders can be difficult.
  • Citizenship. In marriages where a foreign national utilized marriage to establish citizenship, divorce can complicate things.
  • Property division. Property division disputes in international divorces are exceedingly common. If you own property in another country, getting your share of it can be legally challenging, and that's to say nothing of the logistical difficulties with transporting property across country borders.

As you move forward in your international divorce, you may find yourself having to comply with the laws of another country. Having an experienced international divorce lawyer who will work with you to navigate international legal systems and concerns is crucial if you want to obtain an equitable, fair decision in your international divorce.

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We can help provide you with the answers you can trust and the resources that you need. For a free consultation with our Centennial multi-state and international divorce lawyers, contact the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC, at (303) 647-4245 or fill out our online intake form.

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