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Why Badmouthing Your Ex-Spouse is a Bad Idea

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

When faced with a difficult divorce or struggling to process what is going on, it can be very easy to become angry with your situation or your ex-spouse. That anger can manifest itself in speaking negatively about them and your situation to other people. However, it is better to hold your tongue in those moments and say nothing at all.

While many judges in Colorado may order parents not to attack one another throughout the divorce, some still choose to take action and say what they wish. Here is why you should stay silent when you wish to say something negative.

The Impact on Your Children

It is easy for children to feel as if they are in the middle of a war between their parents during a divorce. When you badmouth your spouse, especially in front of your children, your words can have an impact on their views of their parents as well as on their emotions.

By badmouthing your spouse enough times in front of your children, you risk turning them against that spouse, which can cause them to lose a positive relationship with both of their parents. That lack of a relationship can lead to developmental and behavioral problems down the line.

The Potential Impact on Your Case

Not only can badmouthing impact your children but what you say could potentially impact what happens with the end result of your case. As mentioned, many judges may order that neither you nor your spouse may say negative things about each other throughout the proceeding. If these orders are broken and it is proven that you have disparaged the other spouse around your children, then you may be held in contempt of the court order and face penalties.

If you continue badmouthing, however, the judge may view your actions as parental alienation. If that happens, your custody case may not go the way you wish it to. Your custody or visitation rights may be cut down compared to if you had kept silent.

Seek the Advice of a Colorado Divorce Attorney

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