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5 Tips for Co-Parenting After a High Conflict Divorce

Learning to co-parent, especially after a contentious divorce, is sometimes easier said than done. Sharing parenting responsibilities with your former ex can be exhausting and often stressful, making it easy to lose sight of what’s most important— your kids. It will require a lot of patience, but with these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create an environment that enables your child to thrive.

Successful Co-Parenting Strategies

  1. Set boundaries. At first, it may not seem like a priority, but setting boundaries and maintaining a consistent schedule are essential. Create rules between households so that your children know what to expect and what’s expected of them.

  2. Work as a team. In the eyes of a child, a parent’s breakup can be one of the most difficult things to deal with. It’s important that you and your ex partner keep a united front not only for your them but to make the process easier for you. Co-parenting as a team will make decision making far better for all the parties involved.

  3. Focus on your child’s needs. As co-parents, you will both need to make significant decisions that impact the rest of your child’s life and well being. This shouldn’t be taken lightly. You can expect disagreements over certain issues, but always try to reach a consensus as it’s in the best interest of your child.

  4. Let go of the past. Hurtful words may have been said, and there may have been deceitful actions, but holding resentment towards your ex will only make it harder for you to co-parent with them. You are beginning a new chapter in your life and your primary focus should be on providing your child with stability and security.

  5. Embrace different parenting styles. Understandably, you and your ex will have differing opinions on the way you raise your child. In these moments, you may need to compromise, but this respect can go a long way.

Breakups are difficult, and maintaining a relationship with your former partner for the sake of your children is even harder. We are here to provide you with guidance and support. If you are unable to resolve an on-going dispute, we are here to help you find a solution that is in your child’s best interest.

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