When One's Ex Engages in Hurtful Conduct During a Divorce

When one is divorcing, one generally hopes that one's ex-spouse will act civilly and will try to keep things as amicable as is feasible given the situation. Unfortunately though, sometimes, a divorcing individual will end up being subjected to contentious or hurtful conduct by their ex-spouse. 

Sometimes, such conduct occurs outside of divorce proceedings. For example, sometimes it is done on the social level. An example of this is a person's ex-spouse airing out a person's dirty laundry to the former couple's friends and family. This can be very hurtful and a person obviously could end up feeling quite upset if their ex-spouse did this. 

As with any type of hurtful conduct committed by an ex-spouse, it can be important for a person to respond properly if their ex-spouse engages in such dirty-laundry-airing. This is because how one responds to such conduct can have major impacts on one's self and one's relationships. Some advice a Huffington Post article recently gave on responding to this type of conduct by an ex-spouse includes: trying one's best to let the matter go, not responding in kind and taking care to not respond in a knee-jerk manner.

A person can also end up facing contentious or hurtful conduct from an ex-spouse within divorce proceedings. Here again, avoiding knee-jerk reactions and thinking things out can be important when responding to this kind of conduct. This is because, when it comes to divorce proceedings, it is important for individuals to not allow the heated emotions that can come up in relation to a divorce to lead them to taking courses of action that aren't actually in their bests interests. Divorce attorneys can help divorcing individuals in their efforts to stay focused on what is important when facing contentious or hurtful conduct from an ex-spouse in divorce proceedings.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Getting Divorced? Prepare: Your Dirty Laundry Might Be Aired," Jackie Pilossoph, April 22, 2015