Post-Decree Divorce Issues

Divorce decrees are a reflection of circumstances at a specific time. As years pass, children get older, jobs are lost, new jobs are found and parents relocate for second marriages. When life changes, we revisit original agreements and pursue modifications or enforcement based on current circumstances.

The Need For An Attorney When Circumstances Change

If the change in a parent's circumstances is significant, the courts are more inclined to grant modifications to:

  • Child support
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Child custody/parenting time

Cases exist where our clients cannot or will not comply with court orders due to job loss, medical issues or an outright refusal to pay, and they are not keeping up with the payments. Our job is to candidly and strongly advise them to comply with court orders to protect them from sanctions, including jail time.

Proactive Steps For Those Behind On Child Support

If you find yourself behind on support, take proactive steps and contact our firm before you are formally held in contempt. We take a detail-driven approach toward finding a solution. Many times, resolutions can be found by conducting in-depth analyses and modifications of our clients' budgets to make child support affordable.

The longer a parent fails to make payments, the harder it becomes to pay off the past-due balance. Our laws establish high interest rates for those who owe family support, making it more difficult to catch up. Defending a contempt case is costly financially and could include the loss of a driver's license or incarceration.

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