Mental Health Concerns And Your Child Custody Case

In family law cases, parental responsibility issues are tremendously important. A parent's emotional or behavioral health problems can have a longstanding adverse impact on his or her children. This can cause stress for the other parent and create legal challenges that are difficult to resolve.

If you need experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel to deal with a complicated parenting time issue involving mental health issues, talk to one of our lawyers. We can help.

How Do I Protect My Children?

At the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC, based in Centennial, our attorneys understand the difficult intersection of mental health and child custody. We represent parents who want to protect their children and protect their own rights in Colorado custody cases. We can answer questions such as:

  • How can I prove that my co-parent's mental health issues are causing impairment and affecting my kids?
  • What if my co-parent has a drug or alcohol problem?
  • Can the court order my co-parent to take his or her medication?
  • Do I need to put a safety plan in place?
  • What if the illness is a bipolar spectrum disorder, schizophrenia or a personality disorder?
  • What if depression, PTSD or another anxiety disorder is causing problems?
  • When does privacy become a concern?
  • Is it hard to change a court order regarding custody or visitation (parenting time)?

Every child custody case is different. Get the legal advice you need to address your concerns.

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