My Spouse Asked for a Divorce. What Do I Do Now?

Whether your relationship has been on the rocks for a while now or the news is a complete surprise, hearing the words come out of your partner’s mouth is painful.

“I want a divorce.”

The next steps from here are critical. We understand the heartbreak and anger you may be feeling right now, but you need to start thinking about protecting yourself. Our team at Law Office of Alexandra White, PC is here to help you prepare for your upcoming divorce and advise you on what to expect.

Blindsided by the news?

When you and your spouse walked down the aisle and spoke your vows, divorce was never in the picture. If you truly want to avoid dissolving your marriage, both parties will need to be willing.

Research has shown that it takes the average person more than two years to go from thinking about divorce to actually telling their spouse they want one, meaning this was probably not a decision made lightly.

If you are both willing to go to marriage counseling or look inward at the behaviors that are causing your spouse to want a divorce, there may be hope. But if your spouse is deadset on moving forward with their plans, there’s not much you can do to stop it from happening.

No matter what the outcome is, you should not act out in anger or vengeance. This will hurt your opportunity to save your marriage, and it can also hurt your chances of a favorable outcome if you proceed with the divorce.

As much as you want the situation to be different, now is the time to prepare for the road ahead.

Get Educated

Some people think they can ignore the divorce, and it will just go away. The consequences of this mindset can be disastrous. Rather than being in denial, the smartest move you can do in this situation is to get educated.

Start learning about the divorce laws in your state. Will your property be divided equitably rather than 50/50? Do you have a prenuptial agreement that will affect your divorce? How do you plan to divide parenting responsibilities?

The three main topics of divorce are generally property division, child custody, and spousal support. Make a plan for how you want these matters to be handled and list out your ultimate goals. Having this in front of you will help you stay focused during an emotional time.

Get Empowered

When people find themselves facing a divorce, they go through feeling sad, scared, and shocked. What if you could turn this into an empowering experience? Try to view this as an opportunity for a new chapter in life, and you might get there.

It won’t be easy, but it could be the best decision in the long run. First, you need to get into the right mindset. Take a step back and realize that divorce does not mean you have failed. The end of a relationship is painful, but you have the power to direct that pain elsewhere. Instead of zeroing in on why the marriage didn’t work, concentrate on what you want to get out of the divorce.

The next step might be even more challenging, but it’s important to let go of blame. Holding onto a grudge will only bring you down and delay your positive transition. Fighting with your spouse or retaliating against them will undoubtedly leave you in a worse place financially and emotionally. Only you are in control of your actions, realizing this is the best way to be empowered.

Get an Experienced Attorney

You do not have to go through this alone. It’s crucial that you find an experienced divorce lawyer who will advocate for your interests. Divorce is a legally complex and highly personal process, but we can ease your burdens by taking on some of the stress. At the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC, we can help you understand your options and guide you to the happy ending you deserve.

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