Telling Your Spouse That You Want to End the Marriage

Even when you want to end the marriage, it's tough to start that divorce conversation. How do you break the news to your spouse? You know that you don't want to do it in the heat of the moment, during an argument, but how do you approach it?

How will they react?

First and foremost, take some time to think about how your spouse may react to the news. Are they going to feel shocked? Are they going to be angry? If so, you need to prepare for an emotional reaction. They may say some hurtful things that they later regret.

On the other hand, maybe it's clear to both of you that the time for divorce has arrived. It's just that no one has brought it up yet. You know your spouse will not feel shocked and may even feel relieved that you finally took that step. If so, you may be in for a calm conversation where you just discuss the details and how to get started.

Picking your moment

Choosing the right moment is important. Don't use this as an excuse not to say anything, but make sure you carefully consider when you do it. Avoid the holidays. If you have kids, avoid birthdays or other family-oriented times. Try not to do it when your spouse already has a lot of stress at work or in their personal life.

Again, though, don't put it off. If your spouse always feels stressed about work, you're going to have to cross that bridge eventually. Just try to pick the best time that you can.

Give yourselves some space

You do not have to have a long, in-depth conversation about divorce and all of the little details leading up to it. For some couples, that's fine. For others, it's overwhelming. Consider how it is going to impact you. Be open to breaking the news and then giving each other some space. Take time to settle yourselves emotionally and then sit down to talk over those details.

Don't check out too early

Some people see the act of telling their spouse as the moment the marriage ends. They then cut them off and check out of the relationship. Don't do this, especially if you have kids. You still have a relationship. You still need to figure all of this out together. Stay involved and work toward a resolution that helps both of you.

Your options

Once you break the news, it is time to start looking into your divorce options in Colorado. Make sure you know what steps to take and what rights you have.