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4 Ways to Prepare if You Plan to Get a Divorce

Before someone files the paperwork to initiate a divorce, chances are both parties had some idea that the marriage was coming to an end. Perhaps they were always fighting, or perhaps they had been unhappy for some time. Whatever the reason, the decision to get a divorce often does not come as a surprise.

With this in mind, there are some valuable ways that people can prepare for a divorce before the legal process starts.

  1. Get your finances organized. No matter what you expect in terms of property division, maintenance, or support, you need to know what your finances look like. Collect bank statements and tax returns; create a list of your assets and personal property; make a note of any investments or significant transactions in the recent past. Even if you are not sure what it all means yet, collecting this information can allow you to make informed negotiations and decisions in the future.

  2. Keep records of abusive or violent incidents. Violence and abuse can impact various elements of a divorce, so it is crucial to keep track of any events that occur. Such records should include calls to the police, threats, physical altercations, and details of any overly restrictive financial controls the other party puts in place.

  3. Adjust your use of social media. Everything you say and do online can come back to haunt you during a divorce. Any indications that you are frequently partying, spending a lot of money, neglecting your role as a parent, or antagonizing your spouse could be used against you in court. Therefore, you should be especially mindful of the image you are projecting online. Don’t assume that anything you say online is private and remember that erasing something doesn’t necessarily mean it disappears forever.

  4. Establish your support system. Divorce takes its toll on a person, regardless of how amicable or contentious it is. Having supportive resources in place will be crucial. Before the divorce, you might start seeing a therapist or counselor, or talk to your closest family and friends. Establishing these outlets before the divorce begins may help you get through it better.

Taking these steps before either party files for divorce can allow you to navigate a split more confidently and secure a satisfactory outcome. If you need assistance filing for divorce or with post-divorce matters, our Colorado family law attorneys are here to help.

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