Narcissistic Man

How to Divorce a Person With Narcissistic Tendencies

Going through a divorce is a difficult process, even if your spouse is reasonable and the decision to end things is amicable. However, some people who have personality disorders do not show their true colors until they face challenging situations such as a divorce filing.

Even if you were not aware that your spouse had emotional issues until recently, their behavior may change significantly when they have to deal with the uncomfortable emotions that accompany a divorce. As a result, getting what you deserve in the divorce settlement could prove to be a challenge. This is why it is important to make sure that you understand the typical behaviors of a narcissist, and how to respond to these tendencies.

Know that they can't deal with rejection

Narcissists don't deal with rejection well. This is why it is common for a narcissist not to show their true colors until their spouse files for a divorce. In this situation, the feeling that they have been rejected may consume them, and they will do anything in their power to get revenge and feel that they have won.

Understand that they don't stop until they win

Needing to feel that they have won may result in them taking steps that are spiteful and selfish. They may try to spread lies about you as part of their bid to gain full custody of their children. They may alternatively take you to court over petty issues that could easily be resolved.

Factor in the likelihood that they lack empathy

Narcissists often have a distinct lack of empathy, and this means that they will often take actions that other people would view as unethical. They will also feel a lack of guilt or remorse for doing things that are viewed by others to be wrong, and they will justify their actions by arguing that it what necessary because of the way that they were rejected or betrayed.

Remember that they want to feel powerful

Narcissists love the feeling of power. By knowing this, you may be able to beat them at their own game by giving them the attention they crave but making sure you get what you deserve.

Divorcing a person with a personality disorder can be very difficult if you do not understand the way that they think. Make sure that you take action to create a divorce strategy that will help you to win.