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Emotional Reactions to Avoid During a Divorce

Keeping Cool in the Face of Difficulty

Divorce can be incredibly difficult for all involved, and this can lead to an overwhelming flood of emotions. These various feelings such as sadness, anger, and depression have the potential to cloud your judgment when making key decisions. Here are some key actions to avoid if you find yourself overwhelmed with emotions during divorce.

Making Rash Decisions

Since your emotions could be all over the place, this could hinder your ability to make sound decisions. We are wired to avoid pain at all costs, so it can be very easy to try and get something over with as quickly as possible without thinking about the consequences of that decision.

Letting Feelings Dictate Decisions

In addition, it can be very easy to let emotional attachments to things guide your decision-making during a divorce. For example, if trying to determine who gets the house in the divorce, you might think of all the memories you had in the house and how your children love living there, causing you to do whatever possible to keep it. In hindsight, however, the mortgage payment may be too much for you at that moment, but because of your emotional attachment to the house, you failed to see this.

As difficult as it might be to let attachments go, it is important that you slow down and process your emotions before letting them choose what you do on your behalf.

Being a Push-Over

People who allow their emotions to run their lives can be very easy to push over and manipulate into doing something. Failing to protect yourself could cause you to lose out on important matters during the divorce. Don’t allow yourself to let others walk all over you and tell you how to do things.

Spiraling Out Of Control

A lot of emotions hitting you at once can cause you to spiral out of control, doing things that you wouldn’t normally do. It can be easy to dive deeper into sadness when you start to feel down, but take the steps necessary to avoid doing so. Spiraling out of control can only cause you further damage.

Failing to Hire Proper Representation

Feelings of loneliness during a divorce can cause you to push people away from you. You might want to try to handle things on your own at first, but you are better served with assistance by your side. At Law Office of Alexandra White, PC, we know how challenging divorce can be on your emotions and on your life. We are here to help you process what is going on and take steps to begin the next chapter of your life.

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