When All Signs Point to Divorce

Have you been wondering if staying in your marriage is the right decision? Have you been recently thinking that divorce may be an option? During the course of a marriage, it is not uncommon to wonder if you made the correct choice when you got married or think about life free from marriage. Some couples are able to work through downturns in their relationships and come out stronger. However, there are other couples that find happiness and the lives they truly want by ending their marriages.

If you are considering divorce, there are certain signs that may be pointing directly toward filing a divorce petition in a Denver area court. Read further for big signs that often point to divorce.

Inability to resolve differences

While lack of communication often leads to the breakdown of marriages, the inability to work out a conflict resolution is often the true culprit. Whether one or both of you shy away from conflict, or every disagreement leads to one party dominating the other, the lack of dealing with your differences in a productive manner could be a red flag that it is time to go your separate ways.


If you are emotionally disconnected from your husband or no longer consider his feelings to be important, then your relationship may be lacking the intimacy it needs to flourish. When there is no longer an emotional connection, it may be time to file those divorce papers.

Looking beyond the marriage

If you are trying to compensate for a lack of connection by focusing on activities outside of the marriage, this is a sign that things may be over. In many cases, as individuals turn to outside sources for emotional satisfaction, such as work, the chances of engaging in an affair increase.

Planning for freedom

If you or your husband are starting to take actions to prepare for a life without each other, this is also a strong sign that it may be time to take the next step in ending your marriage. When one person has one foot out the door, it is unlikely that there is any going back.

Sign that your spouse may be preparing for the single life include spending more time working out and getting into better shape, updating the wardrobe, and taking other steps to become more physically attractive. Some individuals take up a sport or hobby that excludes their partner while others begin to create a social life as a single man or woman outside of the marriage.

If you are experiencing one or more of the above signs, then it may be past time to take the appropriate steps to file for divorce and make a fresh start.