Changing Attorneys Mid-Divorce - Can You Do It?

Can you - or more aptly, should you - change attorneys mid-divorce? Today, that's the topic we're exploring on our blog. If things aren't working out with your attorney, you may be wondering what your options are, and we're here to help you understand just that.

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Can I Change Attorneys?

In most cases, yes. Typically, attorneys charge their clients in one of two ways:

  • Flat fee. Flat fee services are usually charged as a one-time payment. If you switch lawyers while receiving a flat fee service, you may still need to pay the lawyer the fee you initially agreed on, but nothing will stop you from changing to another lawyer.
  • Retainer. Typically, lawyers on retainer charge hourly. If you've hired a lawyer on retainer, you can probably switch to another lawyer at any time.

If you signed a contract with your lawyer before they agreed to represent you, you should check the terms of that agreement before switching lawyers, but in most cases, changing the counsel you receive won't be an issue.

Why Should I Switch Attorneys?

You may want to switch attorneys if:

  • Your attorney's legal strategy isn't working. If you feel like your strategy clearly isn't working, but your lawyer refuses to adjust, it may be time to seek a different legal representative.
  • Your attorney isn't listening to you. If you feel like your attorney doesn't seem to listen to you, you may want to find one who does.
  • Your attorney seems disorganized. The outcome of your divorce could impact the rest of your life. Finding an attorney who will take your case seriously and give it the attention it deserves is vital.

Switching attorneys can help you obtain the best possible outcome in your divorce, so don't hesitate to look elsewhere if you feel your current legal representative isn't meeting your needs.

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