Can I Reduce My Spousal Support Payments?

If you can no longer afford your spousal support payments or your former spouse’s circumstances changed so significantly that you believe the spousal support order should be reduced or terminated, you can petition the court with this request. Family courts understand that financial circumstances do not remain the same and will consider the changes your life or your former spouse’s life underwent when rendering such a decision.

Modifying Spousal Support Payments After a Divorce

Before you petition the court for a modification of your spousal support order, you should first consider discussing it with your former spouse. If you are able to work on an agreement regarding a modification, this can result in a speedier process. That said, not all former spouses are on friendly enough terms to accomplish this, so you may end up having to take the matter to court.

When petitioning the court for a modification of your spousal support order, it is important to note that only a significant change of circumstances will result in a favorable outcome for your case.

Below are some examples in which you may be able to secure a modification:

  • You involuntarily lost your job or experienced a reduction of your income
  • You developed an illness or disability that prevents you from working
  • Your former spouse experienced a notable increase in income
  • Your former spouse remarried or is cohabitating with a romantic partner

If you left your job voluntarily, a judge will not consider this valid reason for modifying spousal support. It may be viewed as an attempt to avoid fulfilling your spousal support obligations.

Act quickly if you cannot afford your spousal support payments. Not paying spousal support is not an option and you will still be expected to make any of these missed payments. Our family law team can provide the guidance you need to successfully modify the spousal support order.

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