Parenting Provisions Regarding Extracurricular Activities

In order for your journey as a co-parent to be a success, you need to make sure you set up clear guidelines with the other parent of your child. You can do this when you draft your parenting plan and parenting agreement by including specific parenting provisions in the text to establish various parameters.

One area that you should address in your parenting provisions relates to extracurricular activities. Here's what you should include as it pertains to the extracurricular activities, like sporting events, art classes and so-forth that your child participates in on a weekly basis.

Current extracurricular activities

By including the following provisions regarding current extracurricular activities you can avoid numerous potential issues and disagreements:

  • Both parents can participate in extracurricular activities with the child. These activities might include dance, theater, sports, music lessons, art lessons and any other activities that the child is currently enjoying.
  • The parents have the responsibility to stay informed on their own regarding extracurricular activity schedules that the child is currently engaged in.
  • The child will be permitted to continue all the extracurricular activities that he or she is currently enjoying.
  • Both parents will take the child to current extracurricular activities while the children are spending time with that particular parent.

Future extracurricular activities

As your child grows, he or she may want to participate in new extracurricular activities. Here are a few things the parents should be aware of in this regard:

  • The parents will talk about future extracurricular activities with one another and agree to them a month before the child shall start or sign up for them.
  • Both parents will have a say in whether a child can participate in new activities or not.
  • The parents will need to agree on future extracurricular activities when the activity takes up that parent's parenting time with the child.

Avoid disagreements with the right parenting provisions

Parents may want to review other parenting provisions that they can include in their parenting plans. This language, when used strategically and appropriately can do wonders to prevent disagreements and support a healthy relationship between you and your co-parent.