Believe It or Not, Divorce Does Have Its Benefits

If you are thinking about divorce, then you may be worried about everything from the cost of your attorney to losing your spouse's income, and even how to divide your marital assets. For example, if the two of you own a small business in the Denver area, you may have to consider letting your ex buy you out.

Even though divorce seems to come with a lot of negative aspects, there are some benefits. To find out about the upside of divorce, read below.

You control your finances

Once your divorce is final, your finances are your own and you have complete control over them. You will not have to worry about fighting with your spouse over money the next time you feel like splurging a little on yourself or arguing about how much you should contribute to a retirement account each month.

Better ROI

As a woman, you may be potentially looking at a better return on investment (ROI). In general, men tend to invest more aggressively and choose options that have more risk. On the other hand, women tend to favor a more balanced portfolio which often leads to better gains. Now that you have complete control of where to invest your money, you might experience greater returns on your investments.

Social Security spousal benefits

As a divorcee, you might be able to file for Social Security spousal benefits when you retire. As long as your marriage lasted at least 10 years, you may be eligible to receive a portion of your spouse's Social Security in addition to your own.

You get to start over

Divorce can give you a fresh start to create and live the lifestyle you want. You will have the chance to rethink your priorities and perhaps make choices you were not able to because you were part of a marriage. For example, if you and your spouse decide to sell your home and split the proceeds, you may take the opportunity to find a new place that requires less upkeep and is much less expensive.

If you are considering divorce, it is important to focus on the good that can come out of it. If you can keep your eye on the eventual goals, then you can get through the process more harmoniously and expeditiously.