Help When Divorce Agreements Need to Be Changed

Most everyone who goes through a divorce would like for the whole thing to be over and done with once the decree is signed. However, that is often not the case -- particularly when there are children involved.

Situations change. Children grow up and often need different visitation or custody arrangements. One or both parents may remarry and/or need to move away for their career, family obligations or other reasons.

People's financial situations also change. If a person loses a job, whether he or she is the one paying or receiving child and/or spousal support, agreements may need to be changed. The same is true when people are struck by illness or injury that changes their ability to meet their obligations.

At the Law Office of Alexandra White PC, we work to help enforce spousal and/or child support payment arrangements with which a spouse is not complying. We can help clients who need to make modifications to their divorce decrees because they cannot make the required payments.

If you are not able to make your full payments on time, it's essential to consult your attorney immediately. If you don't take action proactively, you could find yourself in legal jeopardy. The earlier that you take steps to address the issue and make arrangements to adjust your obligations, the less likely you are to face fines and other legal problems, including time in jail.

Whether you are behind on support payments, require other changes to your divorce decree or are having problems getting your ex-spouse to comply with the terms of the decree, contact us either by phone or online to find out if we can help.