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Sometimes, the most valuable asset in a divorce is your pet

Not all families involve children. Even those that do may also include four-legged family members. Pets and companion animals often wind up overlooked in the early stages of a divorce. It can take someone a little bit of time to come around to the realization that a divorce will affect their "fur baby" as well as their children and finances.

How the courts will handle student loans in a Colorado divorce

When it comes to debt incurred in a marriage, student loans are likely rivaled only by mortgages. They are some of the most substantial debts people ever take on, and it may take many decades for any individual to pay off all of their loans.

What happens to your marital home in a Colorado divorce?

When considering a divorce, people often have many concerns about the outcome of the process. One of them is often the possession of their marital home. Concerns about who will get to keep the home are common and totally understandable. After all, a house represents one of the biggest investments people make in their lives. It also holds the memories of your life, such as raising your children.

Avoid commingling - Protect your separate property from divorce

Divorce comes with a slew of complicated questions you will have to answer and decisions you will have to make. What type of custody situation will benefit your children but still be manageable for both you and your future ex-husband? Which one of you will get the main residence in Denver? What happens to your retirement accounts?

Divorce and taxes - what you need to know

Divorce comes with all kinds of complications. You have to deal with dividing marital property, working out a custody schedule for the kids, find a new place to live and essentially start your life completely over. The other thing you may have to deal with is a large tax bill. Many couples fail to account for the tax consequences of how they treat and separate marital property.

Will You Have To Pay For Your Spouse's Debt After Divorce?

It is easy to rack up debt in a marriage. Colorado is ranked 8th among all states in the country for the highest average debt. Between getting new cars, buying a house, finishing off student loans and credit card habits you might end up with a lot of debt when you file for divorce. The last thing you want is to walk away from a divorce paying for your spouse's bad choices. It is important to understand Colorado's laws and how you can avoid getting crushed by unfair debts.

Trust Property in Divorce

In Colorado, Courts will divide and transfer marital property between spouses equitably in a divorce proceeding, see /blog/2016/10/marital-property-division-in-colorado.shtml. Prior to the mid-1980's, Colorado along with many states applied the title rule, which was that whomever had title to property would receive that property upon a separation. As a result, trust assets were generally not included in the division of marital property. In the interest of avoiding unfair property distributions, Colorado has expanded the pool of assets Courts must divide to include all assets, regardless of title.

Marital Property Division in Colorado

In Colorado, marital property is divided without regard to misconduct or fault. The Court does not necessarily divide property evenly, or 50/50. Colorado Courts consider "all relevant factors" in making the decision of how to divide marital property. The Courts attempt to make divisions based on what is fair for both parties.

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