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What should you do if your spouse violates your prenup?

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements serve a number of important functions for couples. They help outline the expectations both parties have in marriage, particularly in the case of postnuptial agreements, which can often be a final step in an attempt to save a struggling marriage.

Do prenuptial agreements always hold up in Colorado divorces?

Although prenuptial agreements were once only used by the incredibly rich and famous, these documents have seen an increase in popularly in recent decades. For many couples, prenuptial agreements can guide and simplify the divorce process. However, it is possible for people to abuse these documents to control a spouse or create an unfair outcome to divorce.

Your prenup might be invalid

When you and your husband first met, you already had a successful medical practice. That is why, before the two of you married, you each signed a prenuptial agreement. Your intention was that if you got divorced, the agreement would protect your practice and your assets. Now that you and your husband have separated, you are worried that the court might decide your prenuptial agreement is invalid.

Do Prenups Have The Final Say In A Divorce?

So you're going through a divorce and you have an existing prenup. You might be thinking everything has already been decided, so there's no point in trying to change it. Or perhaps the terms of the prenup are keeping you in a marriage you'd prefer to leave. Or on the flip side - you think everything you want is guaranteed because of the prenup, so all will be well when you leave.

VIDEO: What are the limitations of a prenup?

Prenuptial agreements are common in Colorado and elsewhere because they can take a lot of the guesswork out of divorce. They can address numerous issues, including who should get which property and how much spousal maintenance should be paid, if any.

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