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Can you expect child support to help with college in Colorado?

When you're a parent, you want to give your children the best possible start to life. That often means focusing on both physical and mental development. Providing a safe home with proper nutrition helps a child grow strong and healthy. Good schooling, including college and post graduate studies, may be necessary for optimal mental and professional development.

How Colorado enforces child custody and support orders

For many people, the finalization of a divorce decree is a sign that they can start rebuilding their lives. Once the court has determined how to divide your assets and allocate parental responsibilities, you may hope to simply leave your marriage behind you. However, just because a court issues an order in your Colorado divorce doesn't inherently mean that your spouse will comply.

What can you do when you're not getting enough child support?

The purpose of child support is to ensure that the basic needs of children are met. Both parents have an obligation to provide support to their children under Colorado law. Some parents provide this support by feeding, sheltering and providing direct care to the children while living with them. Other parents may provide support financially to ensure the payment of bills related to basic life expenses and educational, or health needs.

If you're getting ready to retire, consider support modification

Most people believe that once the courts finalize a divorce, the terms are set in stone. In reality, the Colorado family law system is much more flexible than that. The courts understand that people's life situations change, which can require changes to custody agreements, as well as spousal or child support orders. That's why people paying spousal or child support have the right to request modifications of the support order when their income changes.

Is your child support as ordered too high for you to pay?

Divorce is a process full of frustrations and interpersonal issues. You and your former spouse are probably struggling with the idea of co-parenting after a divorce. If you are paying child support during the divorce proceedings, you may become frustrated with the amount of support when compared to the amount of time you get to spend with your children. The temporary custody and support orders created when one party files for divorce often take into account only information provided by the filer. That means that the amount of child support (and potentially spousal support) may be too high for you.

What Is Considered Income In Terms Of Child Support Guidelines?

You agreed to grant physical custody of your kids to your spouse as part of your divorce settlement. You know that the court will order you to pay child support for your children. In general, the state bases the amount of child support that you will pay on the income of both you and your future ex-husband or ex-wife.

Helping parents who are struggling with child support payments

Parents generally care a massive amount about their kids. This great care typically doesn't diminish just because a parent wasn't granted primary custody of their children in a divorce. Thus, their children's well-being is something noncustodial parents generally hold in incredibly high importance. Consequently, most noncustodial parents work very hard to stay current with any child support obligations that are placed on them in relation to their kids.

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