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Identifying indirect interference in your parenting time

No matter how well-intentioned two parents may be, co-parenting is always difficult. The time we spend with our children is precious, and when we choose to raise a child separately with their other parent, some tensions and conflicts are nearly unavoidable. Learning to balance the needs of your child with your rights as a parent and the rights of the child's other parent is a difficult process that deserves special attention and care.

Custody disputes: Winning your custody battle

When it comes to custody disputes, you should know that your children's best interests are what are most important. At the end of the day, a dispute that goes to trial will result in a judge ruling for what they believe will most benefit the children involved.

Protecting your kids when your ex dates someone volatile

The process of getting a divorce can bring up issues you never thought your family would have to deal with. One common concern is the safety and well-being of your children, particularly if your ex has begun to date someone who seems dangerous or volatile. In most cases in Colorado, serious abuse in the family, whether it is spousal abuse or child abuse, is one of the only reasons why the courts may deny one parent an allocation of parenting time.

Professional help can make adjusting to co-parenting easier

Sharing custody of your children with your ex can be a very difficult prospect. Many people focus on the negative aspects of their ex as a coping mechanism to help with getting through the divorce process. It can remind them of why they are ending the marriage and help them handle the difficulty that comes with that process.

Should you include travel limitations in your parenting plan?

Developing a thorough parenting plan is one of the most important steps in a Colorado divorce. You and your ex will either need to set your own terms or allow the courts to make some of the most important decisions on your behalf. Regardless of which approach you take, you will have to decide what issues are most important to address and enforce.

Is parental alienation a factor in your Colorado custody case?

The worst case scenario for many parents facing divorce is the potential of their ex to cut them off from the relationship with their child. Unfortunately, that is exactly what some vengeful spouses do during and after a divorce.

Protecting your kids from an abusive ex during a divorce

In the vast majority of situations, the Colorado family courts prefer to arrange for shared custody between parents in a divorce. Sometimes, divorcing couples fight for shared custody out of a desire to punish one another. However, it is also possible to worry about shared custody because of the potential damage it could cause your children.

Video games, dating, curfew matter in parenting plans for teens

Parenting a teenager isn't easy under the best of circumstances. When your family is going through difficult transitions, such as a divorce, that can lead to incredibly difficult behaviors from the teenagers in your family.

Enforcing your parenting time rights after a divorce

When parents choose to divorce, they must find a way to fairly divide many of their most important assets and liabilities, as well as the time they spend with their children. For many people, sharing parenting time with their children is difficult, and can cause enormous conflicts in their family long after the divorce finalizes.

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