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June 2019 Archives

3 warning signs that mediation isn't best for your divorce

Mediation is a very popular rising star in the modern divorce world. Divorce has become more a part of everyday life and less of an uncommon and contentious battle for many couples. Choosing mediation allows families to remain in control of their divorce and move forward without causing lasting damage to their relationship with their ex or their children.

Be on the lookout for hidden digital assets in your divorce

Most people have heard at least one or two stories about a person who gets divorced where, during that process, their spouse takes advantage of them. Many times, the issues people experience stem from an unfair division of marital assets and debts by the courts. In fact, some people facing divorce will take drastic steps in their effort to hide assets from the Colorado family courts and their spouse.

Professional help can make adjusting to co-parenting easier

Sharing custody of your children with your ex can be a very difficult prospect. Many people focus on the negative aspects of their ex as a coping mechanism to help with getting through the divorce process. It can remind them of why they are ending the marriage and help them handle the difficulty that comes with that process.

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