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At the Law Offices of Alexandra White, PC, we know that our clients often come to us overwhelmed and emotional. Our attorneys focus on our clients' best interests and create customized strategies to find the best resolution.

Helping Area Residents With Complex And Highly Personal Family Law Cases

Specific areas of our Arapahoe County family law practice include:

  • Divorce — From uncontested marital dissolution to highly contested divorces, we take on all aspects of your case while you deal with the personal fallout. Whether your case lasts months or years, we remain at your side, overcoming the obstacles you face as you start a new chapter in your life.
  • Post-decree divorce issues — Life-changing times do not end upon the finalization of a divorce. Ex-spouses remarry and find new jobs, which may require relocation to another state. Children get older and their needs evolve which can necessitate a change in support. When substantial changes in circumstances arise, we revisit divorce decrees and pursue adjustments where necessary.
  • Paternity — When an unmarried couple has a child, certain legal steps may be necessary to establish paternity. A father must sign an acknowledgement of paternity or will be required to take a DNA test. There are times when a nonbiological parent can be the legal parent of a child. Once we identify the legal parent, we can pursue compensation for child support and medical expenses, including those incurred at the birth of the child. We also pursue parenting time and decision-making orders for the legal parent whose role was not previously legally recognized.
  • Multi-state and international jurisdiction — Few areas of divorce law are as complex as jurisdictional matters. When states and countries are uncooperative in enforcing Colorado law, you need knowledgeable and aggressive representation to ensure that issues involving abduction, abuse or neglect are resolved quickly and that children return home safely.
  • Stepparent/Second-Parent adoptions — Tragically, parents who suffer from drug addiction often do not put their children's best interests first. Being separated from one or both parents can be traumatic for children. With stepparent or second-parent adoption, sons and daughters of divorce can get a fresh, albeit challenging start.

  • Grandparent visitation When two parents must pursue legal action for their family, grandparents can get left behind. We pursue the right of grandparents to maintain contact with their grandchildren. But when a parent feels that contact with a grandparent is not in their child's best interest, we represent them in defending a legal action brought by the grandparents.

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