Protecting You And Your Family

Domestic violence is a very difficult matter with different types of legal ramifications. Some of these ramifications bear heavily on family law cases.

Many people feel that they have been abused by their spouse or partner, either physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally. Other people believe they are being falsely accused of abuse. If you need legal guidance to help you address one of these issues, we can provide it.

We Understand Domestic Violence. We Understand Family Law. We Can Help.

If you need the assistance of a Colorado family law attorney who understands how domestic violence (or accusations of domestic violence) plays into your case, talk to the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC, a focused law firm based in Denver and Centennial. Our lawyers can help you answer tough questions about:

  • How allegations of domestic violence can affect your child custody or divorce case
  • How to plan ahead if you think you will be accused of domestic assault or abuse, or if you have been accused during a separation or divorce
  • Whether you should move out of the house (marital residence) before you have a custody agreement
  • What to do if you have been assaulted or been a victim of spousal abuse
  • Whether there has ever been a report of domestic violence, a 911 call or a police visit to your home
  • How to address threats, stalking or harassment
  • How to obtain a civil protection order
  • How to deal with a civil protection order that has been issued against you

Every case is different; there are many variables that should be considered in approaching a domestic violence matter. If you believe you are in danger, take appropriate action; you can talk to a lawyer after you are safe.

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