Unwavering Dedication To Your Best Interests

A Listening Ear, Practical Advice And A Focus On Results In Divorce Cases

Experience has shown us that emotional elements involved in the end of a marriage only serve as distractions in a divorce action. Alex White, the firm's founding attorney, offers clients a listening ear and practical advice, helping them focus on the legal aspects of divorce and working towards fair, sustainable results.

At the Law Office of Alexandra White, PC, we customize strategies for our clients from the initial consultation through the finalization of the divorce. We are not interested in waging wars or winning small battles; instead, we take a results-driven, big-picture approach that saves our clients both time and money.

Do I Even Need A Lawyer? Can't I Handle My Own Divorce?

In any Colorado divorce, the stakes are far too high to take a do-it-yourself approach. The marital dissolution process and the paperwork associated with it are complex, and the ramifications of a divorce done wrong are too heavy to risk. Making the smallest error or overlooking what a client may think is a minor detail can have catastrophic consequences.

By handling all aspects of your divorce, we strive to reduce the stress and uncertainty you may be experiencing. While you take the time to care for yourself and your children, we attend to every legal detail to ensure that the orders you receive are clear and enforceable.